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🗳 2020 General Election - Trump vs Biden

So, in other words, Trump confirms that the New York Times Trump Taxes scoop was real and legitimate, and at the same time that he is a total threat in the White House because he owes a boatload of money to unknown interests.

Got it.


So this happened today:


Trumpworld is making a big deal about Biden being asked a question by an “Obama speechwriter”… only that’s not the case. The person wrote speeches for the Small Business Administration while Obama was in office, and also while Bush was.

The real story? Biden got better ratings than Trump.

THAT is why the big orange idiot is so whiny.


Michael Bloomberg is putting out the money he promised to help the Dems for the Latino, specifically in Florida.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and the Latino Victory Fund are launching a $2.4 million digital ad campaign Thursday aimed at encouraging Latino voters in Florida to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The ad campaign’s mission is to engage Hispanic voters through “a culturally competent multi-platform media strategy — reaching voters where they spend their time and get their information,” according to a press release on Bloomberg’s website.

The campaign comes just weeks before the Nov. 3 election. Latinos, a critical voting bloc in the battleground state, will have an impact on which candidate will snag 29 electoral votes.

Voter turnout among Latinos in Florida could mean the difference for a Biden-Harris win in Florida,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

The Latino Victory Fund, a progressive PAC, said its goal with the campaign is to ensure all Latino voters have either registered to vote by mail or know when and where they will cast their vote on Election Day.


It’s Go Time…Biden Harris Campaign puts out ad for NFL spot with a Beastie Boys clip special

Oh look. Trump’s DNI John Ratcliffe, a partisan hack so partisan he stopped delivering election security updates to CONGRESS until outrage forced him to start again and spent his entire time in Congress under Trump spreading insane conspiracy theories, claims that the faked Hunter Biden e-mails from three different laptops are real.

Sure, John.

Meanwhile, feds are RIGHT now investigating that whole thing.

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This is from a Fox News Viewers poll which asks about who should be protesting.

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Some campaign messaging from Trump…essentially, “I’m way beyond hearing from Fauci, the idiot and it’s old news.”


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