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2020 General Election



Presidential candidate Julián Castro unveiled an estimated $1.5 trillion education plan Monday that starts with what he’s most known for — early learning — but follows with detailed ideas for updating the nation’s public education system and making it more accessible, including college.

The broad plan includes proposals for pre-K to high school and into college or trade school.

Castro calls for creating a “universal, high-quality, publicly funded, full-day Pre-K” for 3- and 4-year-olds, through grants to state and local governments. He calls for eliminating tuition at public colleges, universities, community colleges and technical and vocational schools, and raising the maximum Pell grant to $10,000.

The plan seems to go into the most detail on ways to help students pay off debt, which he said now tops $1.5 trillion.

His plan is something of a critique of the nation’s education system, including the continued segregation that keeps opportunities out of reach for many.



President Donald Trump said Monday that he would agree not to use any information hacked or stolen by foreign adversaries in his 2020 re-election campaign.

“I would certainly agree to that,” Trump told reporters during an event with the Hungarian prime minister at the White House, when asked if he would make that commitment. “I don’t need it. All I need is the opponents that I’m looking at. I’m liking what I see.”


Why should we believe a known liar?


Elizabeth Warren turned down a Fox News invitation Tuesday for a televised town hall and denounced the cable network as a “hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists.”

The network has been inviting Democratic presidential candidates to participate in town halls moderated by its news reporters. Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar already done the events, while Pete Buttigieg and Kirsten Gillibrand are scheduled to. All of them have criticized the network’s coverage of the Trump administration but defended going on the network as a means to reach voters.


All lies, all the time.

A Ukrainian lawmaker accused his country’s top prosecutor of manufacturing a “conspiracy” about U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, adding to a political intrigue playing out from Kiev to Washington.

The lawmaker, Serhiy Leshchenko, said he had been given parts of a letter written by the prosecutor with the intent of currying favor with the Trump administration.The letter was sent by the prosecutor through unofficial channels to President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the lawmaker told journalists on Monday in Kiev as he distributed copies of two pages.


Green New Deal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), and others discussed the “Green New Deal” and climate change.

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I have mixed feelings on this. I don’t want to enable FOX News because I do think they are playing g the public. At the same time, it is a way to reach a group of people whose only exposure is FOX.

Repetition influences choice. Think in terms of commercials… so if enough of the democratic candidates say similar things MAYBE a few would could be swayed.


I agree on wanting more exposure to that demographic for Democratic candidates. It’s a tough call and Warren wouldn’t have it, which is on brand for her, maybe not all candidates. It felt like it worked out ok for Bernie to go on Fox News.

I don’t know if you saw this over the weekend but some Trump voters are showing up to hear Warren speak on their own. I found it very encouraging.


Cory Booker listening intently and responding to a potential voter’s issues. Um, Yes more videos like this please. If I was a social media manager for a major candidate I would flood FB and Instagram with short one on one exchanges just like this one. Show the candidates listening to the people. :raised_hands:

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Senator Harris comments on Joe Biden as a good running mate, “as vice president, he’s proven that he knows how to do the job” :joy:

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:exploding_head: the high school kid got this first. Good for him!

Boom :boom:

Me: :hot_face::exploding_head::hugs:


It should be aggressive.

Elizabeth Warren just announced her abortion platform. It’s aggressive. - Vox


Bernie wants to ban for-profit charter schools.

In a major education policy speech set to be delivered Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders will call for a ban on all for-profit charter schools, a position that puts him directly at odds with the Trump administration and becoming the first of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to insist on such a move.

The Vermont independent also will call for a moratorium on the funding of all public charter school expansion until a national audit on the schools has been completed. Additionally, Sanders will promise to halt the use of public funds to underwrite all new charter schools if he is elected president.

This is good policy.


Preach :raised_hands:

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg on Friday accused Vice President Mike Pence of advancing “homophobic policies,” saying that while he doesn’t know whether Pence is truly homophobic, his policies are “hurting other people” just the same.

“I don’t know what’s in his heart,” Buttigieg told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in an interview airing Friday. But, he added, “if you’re in public office and you advance homophobic policies, on some level it doesn’t matter whether you do that out of political calculation or whether you do it out of sincere belief.”

“The problem is, it’s hurting other people,” said Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana, mayor.


Governor Jay Inslee gets into the weeds with climate change policy and it’s pretty good. This is the best part of the Primary guys! Don’t miss out on the platform discussions. Look for these kinds of stories, it’ll make you feel better. :nerd_face:


This may be the best reason for Dems to go on Fox News. :smirk:

To quote the wise words of YG & Nipsey Hussle, “Fuck Donald Trump”.


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) told supporters Monday he needs at most 5,000 more donors to qualify for the main stage at the Democratic debates.

“We are so close to the 65,000 goal,” Inslee says in a video posted to Twitter, referencing the minimum number of unique donors required to qualify for the debates. The Inslee campaign claims to have received contributions from more than 60,000 unique donors thus far.

Throwing this guy some small bones, I really want serious climate change policy on the debate stage.


The impending death of the telephone poll comes just as the 2020 presidential election is approaching — and without enough time for a tested and trusted alternative to replace it. That raises serious concerns about the reliability of polling results heading into the election, other survey researchers told POLITICO on the sidelines of their conference, with scrutiny of the industry set to be heavier than ever after President Donald Trump’s surprise victory in 2016.

Fewer Americans than ever are willing to pick up the phone and talk to pollsters, sending costs skyrocketing to roughly double what they were four years ago. Despite enjoying a largely successful 2018 election, pollsters are furiously experimenting to fill the void left by the slow failure of the telephone poll, looking at everything from internet-based solutions to snail mail.

But the possibility of another polling miss in the 2020 presidential race looms, and the next election could present new, unforeseen challenges that polls may struggle to address as they test new methodologies under exacting scrutiny. Both parties are framing the race as an existential contest over the country’s future. Voter engagement is at record highs for this stage of the election cycle. And pollsters are already facing blame for recent election surprises in Israel and Australia.

Steve Koczela, who conducts phone polls in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for Boston’s NPR affiliate, described 2020 as a year “full of promise and peril” as the polling industry transitions from phones to something else.

“It doesn’t seem live phone polling is going away anytime soon, but its place as the clear gold standard is a thing of the past,” Koczela said.

But, for now, most of those other methods are still in development, pollsters at the American Association for Public Opinion Research’s annual meeting said.

Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute in New Jersey, is releasing phone surveys in Iowa and New Hampshire — while, at the same time, conducting as-yet-unreleased experiments with web surveys in which he sends invitations over email. And he says he isn’t alone in testing new methods.

“What I was really surprised at [the conference] this year are the number of traditional pollsters like myself who have, independently of one another, been starting to dip our toes in that pool,” Murray said. “So, right now, while I’m releasing my telephone polls in the early states, I’m also simultaneously conducting online polls using a list sample where I can validate the voters using an email address. And I’m looking to see how that holds up against the telephone survey.”


Beto town-hall highlights and clips below. :point_down:


Warren had a side-gig practicing law while she was a professor. Is this article supposed to make her look bad? I don’t get it.