Am I in an echo chamber? Am I in an echo chamber?


Good advice and insight. Thank you.

(Diana) #22

I really appreciate this thread and all the people who’ve contributed to it in such a thoughtful and considerate way.

I check Fox News on occasion too. Not on a daily basis but enough to see how they’re framing a story and to what ends it might serve the current GOP agenda.

I teach in the ethnic studies and gender studies departments of a large midwestern public university. Many of our undergraduates are Trump supporters. All of the courses I teach require that I explicitly address issues such as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, and socioeconomic status, I, as someone who grew up a poor, queer, woman, I want to be able to reach out to these folks. I am one of these folks. I just worked through (and continue to work through) a lot of the racist, sexist, anti-Semitic shit I grew up with and was lucky enough to finally get my broke ass to college in my late 30s.

In some ways - not all - but in some ways I get why they’re pissed off. Poor white people have been sold down the river. Yes, they have their white privilege, and that often means tangible benefits, but it would be hard to argue that the white working class don’t have beef when it comes to income inequality, a good paying union job with benefits, safe water to drink, good rural schools, access to health care…

I just would like them to consider the ways in which they’re been acculturated to be pissed at the wrong people, and how those processes have worked historically. Progressives like to joke, “they vote against their own interests,” yeah, I agree, but can we examine how that happened, but more importantly how that CONTINUES to happen and how we can stem that tide? It can’t just be cognitive dissonance, can it?


Diana D - I feel the same way you do.
Voters less directly affected by the disfunction of the past several administrations could afford to vote their conscience. and dismiss the infighting as annoying but not intolerable.
Voters who have seen their future and current circumstances deteriorate don’t have the same luxury.
So they embraced an outsider who isn’t afraid to piss everybody off.
And while I sit glued to news of the Mueller investigation, the conflicts of interest and the astounding hypocracy of our commander in chief, Trump voters are pleased to see the status quo evaporate and hope for better times.
My current goals are twofold: first, be vocal about T’s actions that trample human rights, and second, find a way to minimize the long term damage his decisions could cause to the climate, to education, to our survival.
I cannot remain neutral or even just “shocked” in a time of crisis.
Each and every one of us must act.
The question now is ‘How?’