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My mother worked in nursing homes; I can only imagine what the workers are facing, watching people they’ve befriended and cared for go from healthy to dead in hours.

Whether a tremendous lie or a mind-boggling feat of ignorance, this is not comforting:

Trump ‘didn’t know people died from the flu.’ It killed his grandfather.

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Hehehe AOC nukes Gosar after he tweets - I kid you not - “I’d rather die in gloriously battle than from a virus”

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Above is video of somebody being interviewed who literally thinks the entire coronavirus is a hoax.

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There is no good reason for this. There’s a reason, mind you, but it’s not a GOOD reason, and it’s all about Trump’s optics, as usual.

The Trump Administration Is Stalling an Intel Report That Warns the U.S. Isn’t Ready for a Global Pandemic

Immigration judges want to know how to handle coronavirus

The long and the short: the Trump regime bowed to public pressure and put posters showing how to slow the spread of the coronavirus back up but still has no plan for how immigration court judges should proceed.

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(M A Croft) #132

It would appear that the Coronavirus is now no longer contained in your country and like Italy the response to the threat has been haphazard and irregular.

Twelve days ago Italy had 600 Covid-19 cases. Today, it has nearly 10,000 cases and the entire country is shut.

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A short thread on the very dangerous state of denial the Trump regime and its supporters are in concerning the Coronavirus, lead by Trump himself, who could well be infected from CPAC.

Video in tweet.

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Further to my above post wrt to a comparison of US v Italy re COVID - 19 things may be a bit different. I have just learnt that there are some large Chinese owned and operated factories in Italy staffed from China .

This is so the produce can be labeled “Made in Italy”. It would appear that staff returning from China, after Chinese New Year, may have brought the virus.

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No comfort here…Seattle-based infectious disease Doctor Chu was alarmed at some patients symptoms and proceeded to test them without a CDC protocol (approval) she knew there was a lot of ‘unreported’ cases.


(Seattle- folks @matt and @Pet_Proletariat…very sorry about that)

Fauci is beginning to send out louder alarm bells…it is going to be a way bigger number that we want to ever want to know.

NYTimes: ‘It’s Just Everywhere Already’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response

A series of missed chances by the federal government to ensure more widespread testing came during the early days of the outbreak, when containment would have been easier.

Dr. Helen Y. Chu, an infectious disease expert in Seattle, knew that the United States did not have much time.

In late January, the first confirmed American case of the coronavirus had landed in her area. Critical questions needed answers: Had the man infected anyone else? Was the deadly virus already lurking in other communities and spreading?

As luck would have it, Dr. Chu had a way to monitor the region. For months, as part of a research project into the flu, she and a team of researchers had been collecting nasal swabs from residents experiencing symptoms throughout the Puget Sound region.

To repurpose the tests for monitoring the coronavirus, they would need the support of state and federal officials. But nearly everywhere Dr. Chu turned, officials repeatedly rejected the idea, interviews and emails show, even as weeks crawled by and outbreaks emerged in countries outside of China, where the infection began.

By Feb. 25, Dr. Chu and her colleagues could not bear to wait any longer. They began performing coronavirus tests, without government approval.

What came back confirmed their worst fear. They quickly had a positive test from a local teenager with no recent travel history. The coronavirus had already established itself on American soil without anybody realizing it.

It must have been here this entire time,” Dr. Chu recalled thinking with dread. “It’s just everywhere already.


Yes…alarming rate of new cases with very little official testing done.


Quotes from Anthony Fauci today, one of our best experts.

Pbs reporter

(David Bythewood) #139

Grossly irresponsible.

In 1918 Oregon enforced quarantines, jailed doctors failing to report cases, & informed the press.

Philadelphia held a parade of 200k people to support WWI.

3.5k Oregonians died during the whole epidemic.

The City of Brotherly Love lost 12k in 6 weeks.


From a former FEMA administrator, suggesting that this is the time to deploy FEMA. What with the National Guard sent in to surround the city of New Rochelle, NY and
imminent spiking of the virus numbers, wouldn’t it make sense to deploy great ground coverage.

We’re trying to get people tested, quarantined, and keep the volume of people needing hospitalization to manageable levels. The need for temporary housing, to secure and stem the rising numbers would be key…Where would you find empty hotels, or RV’s for that…something that Fema might do.

The wholly centric response from HHS head, Azar, and VP Pence, with their measured messaging seems like the way T’s team wants to handle thsis situation. But let’s just say the time to ramp up was yesterday.

With every passing day, it’s becoming clear that the coronavirus epidemic is not just a health emergency but instead has the potential to become a major disaster. And that means it might be time to turn to the nation’s disaster response agency to assist.

Right now, the operational hub for the response is the Department of Health and Human Services headquarters in Washington. HHS Secretary Alex Azar highlighted this at the White House press conference on February 26 naming Pence chair of the coronavirus task force: “And I just want to say I could not be more delighted that you’ve asked the vice president, my old friend and colleague, to lead this whole-of-government approach with us under the Emergency Support Function #8 .”

For people who understand national emergencies, this bit of bureaucratese had a specific meaning: Emergency Support Function #8 is a provision in the nation’s disaster playbook—the National Response Framework—which designates HHS as the federal lead for health and medical responses.

While HHS is rightly focused on the health and medical aspects of the response, that statement also means something else: that the full breadth of the federal government’s capabilities have yet to be employed.

A truly “whole-of-government approach” would engage all of the 15 capabilities identified in the playbook, including, for example, Transportation (ESF #1), Mass Care and Temporary Housing (ESF #6), Logistics (ESF #7), Public Safety and Security (ESF #13). There’s even a function called Cross-Sector Business and Infrastructure (ESF#14) that focuses on, for example, “cascading impacts of health or medical infrastructure or service disruptions.” During a major disaster or emergency, it’s FEMA’s role to coordinate all of these capabilities.

An “All-Hazards” Agency

FEMA, traditionally thought of as the agency that supports state and local governments during natural disasters such hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, is actually an “all-hazards” agency ready to respond to a range of crises—including pandemics. And FEMA has the experience and access to resources that could prove essential in the not too distant future.

Coordinating operations among numerous agencies with a wide array of missions would present a significant challenge to HHS. And it could take HHS away from its core mission of coordinating the medical response.

(David Bythewood) #141

Chilling thread from a doctor on the front lines in Bergamo, Italy.

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Coronavirus: Sacramento County Gives Up On Automatic 14-Day Quarantines


NEW YORK, March 11 (Reuters) - Health officials scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing on the fast-moving coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday are being called to an “emergency meeting” at the White House later today, Rep. Carolyn Maloney said, noting that the hearing would have to end early.

The witnesses, who include National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield, will have to leave early, so the meeting will end at 11:45 ET, she said.

Maloney said that she did not have additional details about the meeting, except that it is urgent. (Reporting by Michael Erman, Editing by Franklin Paul)

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If only it was a parody…

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When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.

This is the GOP: monsters and trolls “joking” about murdering a legal icon they see as a political rival.