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1/ House Democrats released their impeachment resolution, which outlines the next steps in the impeachment inquiry against Trump. The resolution includes the six committees that are pursuing investigations of the Trump administration, doesn't limit the scope of their ongoing probes, and does not set a timeline for potential articles of impeachment. Under the proposed rules, the House Intelligence Committee will take the lead on planning public hearings as the inquiry advances and also establishes rules for Republicans to hear testimony from certain witnesses, but that those requests will be declined or approved by Adam Schiff. The House plans to vote on the resolution Thursday. (New York Times / The Guardian / Bloomberg /

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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump
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Today, by an overwhelming margin of 405-11, the House of Representatives recognized the Armenian Genocide, the murder of over 1.5M Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, the event that GAVE us the term genocide, thus overriding the longest lasting foreign veto of US policy in American history (Ankara’s gag-rule against American remembrance of this atrocity).


We know that the GOP can only attack that attacker (Whistleblower) and within the hearings, the GOP are given talking points to ‘ferret out’ the name of the Whistleblower by directing questions to Vindman that may uncover names of CIA agents working on the Ukraine detail.

Just so despicable…and death threats to boot.

Democrats after Col. Vindman’s hearing called the GOP attempt to ferret out details on the whistleblower potentially dangerous. While the identity of the person remains publicly unknown, the legal team representing him has received multiple death threats that have led to at least one law-enforcement investigation, according to people close to the legal team, as well as other abusive communications. None of the threats thus far have appeared to be actual credible threats of violence, the people said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to comment.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly lashed out at that whistleblower, known to be a Central Intelligence Agency officer, while pushing for his identity to be revealed. “Where’s the Whistleblower?” Mr. Trump asked on Twitter Tuesday. Since the whistleblower’s account was released more than a month ago, several Trump diplomats and other witnesses have testified, backing up many of the allegations about the pressure campaign on Ukraine while aid to the country was being held up.

Col. Vindman’s hearing occurred behind closed doors, and he said in his prepared testimony that he isn’t the whistleblower and doesn’t know who it is, but Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) said Republican questioning was aimed at the person’s identity.

Most of their hour seemed to have been spent trying to backdoor him into narrowing down, for them, who the whistleblower is,” she said.

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Posted without judgement. Things could get weird, though, here.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy ‘Points to Homicide,’ Not Suicide, Pathologist Claims

The pathologist hired by Mr. Epstein’s brother said evidence suggested strangulation. The authorities disputed the claim.

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