Day 375

(Ashley ) #21

Transcript from the meeting where they voted to release the memo has been released!


Ok I am pretty well shitfaced in an airport bc airports are literal hell on earth, but to summarize, only two ppl (Schiff and Gowdy) had been able to read the memo at the time of the vote? Were the rest not allowed to see it or just chose not to?

(p 25)

And only once the Rep majority had voted to release their TheMemo™️ did Schiff reluctantly ask to also release the minority (Dem) memo refuting and outlining the misstated “facts” of the majority memo, just so the House and public would not be misled? (Schiff was clearly uncomfortable releasing any of them, but since he/the Dem minority couldnt control the release of TheMemo™️ he at least wanted the public to see the other side.)




Also, the Dems did not seem to know that the FBI/DOJ was under inveatigation until this very conversation?

And this just cracked me up, did the chairman try to call for help from a Republican colleague who just stayed silent?:joy_cat: