Day 383

(Lynn) #21

It’s all about keeping a white majority in our country for perhaps another 5 years or so. Just saw someone doing the math on this (I forgot who & where, or I’d quote, sorry- that’s the trouble with so many pressing issues at once).


It was an analysis by WaPo, and the delay is anywhere from 1-5 years. This is based on assumptions that Dreamers will be able to stay. And there is a big unknown in how many immigrants will start identifying as non-Hispanic white, as some Latino immigrants have been found to do.

Their methodology is outlined at the end of the article, but a main point:

To adjust those forecasts, we assumed cuts of between 300,000 and 500,000 per year, and we assumed the cuts would be applied proportionally to each race and ethnicity based on their forecast representation in the immigrant population. The 300,000 estimate from NumbersUSA comes from projections of the Trump administration’s plan to cut several kinds of family-based immigration visas — those for siblings (65,000 visas annually), those for adult children (another 50,000) and those for adult parents of immigrants (another 125,000). NumbersUSA also projects a 55,000 reduction in annual visas awarded from the elimination of the diversity visa lottery.


That Bob Dylan rewrite moved me to tears. ;_;

(Amy Ginsburg) #24

I think Kelly’s comment was one of the more offensive statements to come out of the WH lately. I really bristled when I heard. It also made me wonder what Kelly Ann was up to. Her comments are generally the most offensive ones but I haven’t heard much from her lately. Did somebody impose a gag rule on her?

(Lynn) #25

I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s kinda nice, actually…


Hubby and I talk about this a lot. I think He goes 4 years and loses 2020. In the end … could be 5 years down the road, Don has money laundering charges brought against him by the State of NY. Can’t escape that one.

(Amy Ginsburg) #27

I pray to God you’re wrong about the years. I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle 3 mire years of the anger, the stress, and the bitterness I have towards all the people who are not actively trying to get him out of power as soon as possible. I even wonder if he is paying people off in return for their" loyalty". I had such high hopes that Kelley might reign him in and instead I learn that he’s willing to ignore claims of abusive behavior towards women unless there’s a picture to prove it. But then Trump’s vile statements and behaviour have gained passive acceptance so why am I surprised that his chief of staff operates the same way? And the mere thought of this is turning my stomach. I wonder if sales of valium and Imodium have increased in the past year? I’m envisioning a new diagnosis in the next DSM. Trump induced stress disorder.

(Lynn) #28

I’m with you, Amy, but I do NOT think he lasts that long…not much more than a year, I hope & have to believe for the sake of my peace of mind. It’s hard to watch & yet impossible to look away.

For the most part I think he’s too cheap to pay anyone for their loyalty…he relies on dirt & complicity.