Day 389

(Lynn) #21

The trouble with the trump administration is that they (especially trump but others too) say things that are ambiguous…I’m convinced it’s done deliberately to signal their base in ways they know they can “get away with” using plausible deniability after the fact. And it’s not as if they never completely contradict themselves in plain English anyway…they depend on people hearing what they want to hear out of all their gaseous emissions.

Snopes: I thought they were no longer considered reliable for fact-checking?

(Ashley ) #22

Do you have any further details on this? I hadn’t heard this, so I’m curious. I know they had legal issues over their website hosting last year and their was that whole Save Snopes campaign, but it was unrelated to their reliability from my knowledge.

(Lynn) #23

Not off-hand I don’t…it’s been about a year since I used them to look up something that was disproved elsewhere. Then I heard from someone else they weren’t considered to be reliable any longer-? Wish my memory was better on this, sorry…it’s not my intention to bad-mouth them at all, I used to use them now & then, it was a disappointment. I’ve had no awareness of any other website issues they may have had.

(Lynn) #24

I like the Obama portraits…they aren’t the musty old-style portraits of yesteryear.

(Ashley ) #25


(Scott) #26

So they raised $107 million, and spent ~$100 million? Then praised themselves for being frugal? Obama spent ~45M in 2009, an event that was much larger, and better attended for comparison. Good lord.

(Ashley ) #27

They only spent ~$51M on actual inauguration expenses (but raised ~$107M).

“…the overwhelming majority of the funds went toward expenses related to the inauguration, with the biggest share — nearly $51 million — split roughly evenly between two companies.”

Which *still* insane – because as you mentioned Obama only spent ~$45M for a much, much larger inauguration (and accompanying events).

(Scott) #28

I read that as they paid $51 million to two “vendors” and spent the rest ~$49 million on inaugural expenses. They donated ~4.75 million and they have a few million left over.

(If this posts 6,000 times it’s only because I’m getting errors on submit and I’m impatient, not because my point is that important)


A dog whistle doesn’t have to be wrong to be a dog whistle. Today is Wednesday.