Day 427

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Updated 3/22/2018 8:58 AM PDT

1/ Trump's lead attorney in the special counsel investigation resigned. John Dowd's departure comes days after Trump called for an end to Robert Mueller's inquiry and days after Dowd said the investigation should end, initially claiming he was speaking for Trump before saying he was only speaking for himself. Trump's attorneys are in negotiations with the special counsel's team over a potential interview with Trump. It is not clear who will take over the legal team. (New York Times / Washington Post / CNN)

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What about this story?

(Joyce McCarthy) #4

I think the reveal that Kushner possibly, probably, more than likely passed on intel from an White House Intelligence report is huge. If true…it’s treason.

(Lynn) #5

Needs investigation, of course. While (knowing the trump clan) it’s likely to be true, it could also be a way of “name-dropping” (B.S.), which surely no one ever does. :roll_eyes: One problem is that true or false, it makes an impression with all sorts of implications for either our national allies or enemies. Sadly, I fear that when they finally get around to typing up all the charges (for trumps & Kushner) they’ll run out of paper.


Of course! Very difficult to confirm a lot of the reporting from The Intercept. Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.

Curious for that day to come… but I hope they don’t still write this stuff on paper lol :v:


Where in the world is George Nader?

The Daily Mail claims, “a source close to Zayed has said that Nader has now fled to the UAE after the Emirati prince pulled strings with US officials to secure his freedom to move.”

On the other hand, the New York Times does not use the term “fled” to describe Nader’s recent overseas travel, stating simply, “Mr. Nader has now been called back from abroad to provide additional testimony, one person familiar with the matter said this week.” Here’s the post referencing the NYT article.

Does anyone know when Mueller granted immunity to Nader? Was it before or after he left the country? Please share if you have background on this.

The Daily Mail article, true to form, is written in a sensationalistic style, but it’s still worth perusing since it includes additional details about Nader – and those details do seem to be well documented; sourced by references to Axios and Politico reporting.


So much for bipartisanism.


Did I read the budget news right? 1.3 T (that’s trillion till September? WTF! What happened to the GOP harping about Federal spending and O running up deficits? Folks this bus is headed for a ditch and it’s not gonna be pretty.


Any notion of fiscal conservatism went out the door with the corporate tax cuts last year.


Yep. BUUUTTT we have a businessman in the WH so it will be fine😳. ESP one who knows how to manage debt, just look at the casino projects in Atlantic City.


This has gone from basically, “Trump said” to “no, I just said” and now it’s “Trump said for me to say.” Not sure if it matters, since both stand behind the statement calling for an end to the Mueller investigation, but the finger pointing is fun to watch.


Kick butt at the conference, Matt! We all love you!

(Amy Ginsburg) #14

It seems the Kushners have their own value system. Daddy (apparently, that’s what Jared calls him) spent 14 months in jail for tax evasion and witness tampering. And now the Kushner company is being investigated for illegal activities at their rental properties. They allegedly falsified papers in order to get 80+ construction permits to upgrade their buildings with the objective of increasing the rent… But those papers claimed there were no tenants protected by rent control laws and there were. To get them out, the Kushners and their construction teams began to harass those folks. These articles do not detail the harassment but a radio report I heard yesterday made it sound very unpleasant. Those tenants formed a group and with the support of one of the local Councilman have initiated an investigation.

The last article supports the claims that Jared refers to his father as Daddy which isn’t the worst thing in the world, although maybe a little strange for a grown man. But what’s really interesting is that Kushner never reads. There’s a popular belief that women marry men who are like their fathers; it seems Ivanka may have done the same.


I’m not even sure what to put this under. Trump/Russia? Mueller? Computer fuckery in general? Seems Guccifer 2.0, who hacked the DNC emails, and who claimed to be some random Romanian hacker, is actually Russian intelligence. He forgot to activate his VPN one day and got traced to HQ in Moscow. (I’m assuming it’s a “he” but who knows? With that hacker handle, could just as well be a “she.”) Mueller seems to know all this, and probably exactly who it is. Another nail in the Trump/Russia coffin, certainly. Please feel free to move this wherever you like, mod-type peeps!

Day 428

Not surprising. I would have thought the central server used by the group would have been masked but I’m not that familiar with how that could be done.

I didn’t know until recently that Putin has brought back the KGB maybe not under that name but the organization is huge…perhaps it’s what is tagged the FSB today.


Here’s an “update” of sorts on George Nader’s whereabouts. I put “update” in quotation marks since this article actually raises more questions than it answers. This just gets curiouser and curiouser. If you happen to spot Mr. Nader on the subway or at the gym, please post here!