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1/ Scott Pruitt's lease of a D.C. apartment – co-owned by lobbyists – cost him $50 a night but only when he slept there. Vicki Hart, a healthcare lobbyist, and her husband J. Steven Hart, an energy industry lobbyist. co-own the apartment. The EPA administrator worked directly with Hart to set up the $50-a-night rental room in a prime Capitol Hill building, requiring him to pay rent for just a single bedroom, even though the other bedrooms in the unit were unoccupied. Hart's firm represents clients in the industries that are regulated by the EPA. (Bloomberg / ABC News)

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In August 2016, while Paul Manafort was running Trump’s campaign, a private jet allegedly owned by Oleg Deripaska (oligarch and Putin crony) landed in Newark. This occurred within hours of a nearby Manhattan meeting between Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik who is a Russian intel officer as well as an associate of Deripaska and a business partner of Manafort.

Leaked emails reveal the meeting was set up by Kilimnik so he could deliver “important messages” to Manafort from an unnamed person. The subject line of the email was “Black Caviar,” a code word (according to The Atlantic) for secret payments.


:point_up_2:That article is hillarious! :joy::joy::joy:

Icing involves hiding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, a flavored malt liquor, and demanding that the person who discovers it, in this case the deputy director, guzzle it.


What is this supposed to help, and how is this going to help it?

Your question (homelessfooser) disappeared with the thread consolidation & now both your question & my answer make no sense, lol. So for the sake of clarity, in the original thread you posed the question about what if any was the point of the EPA reducing automobile environmental regulations?

This makes me SO sad- it seems intended to make more money for auto manufacturers, saving money on expensive research & development to meet guidelines, but what it really does is pollute our country & make Americans sicker. Not something any real patriot would want, I can assure you. And the money “saved” is only for those running the companies, not something that would trickle down to workers. It’s more about the 1% lining their already bulging pockets at the expense of us all. You’re right that it makes little sense…unless you assume that those behind this want our country to be sicker, poorer & dumber, ie. to fail, or at least, to stop fighting back & just do as we’re told.

Keep the big picture in mind & remember how trump constantly defers to Putin, who is one person whose agenda is ALL about wanting the USA to fail on an epic level, & who is evil enough to try & make it happen. And remember that trump continues to attack science & education, free speech, health care & wages for the working class…I believe you have your answer right there. We now have a “few” mega-rich people who couldn’t care less about the environment or human rights, they only want to be dictators & probably plan to live on some unpolluted island somewhere* while most of us do all their dirty work. (*assuming they can find one that’s not underwater?)

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Makes you wonder how many of these there are. And how deep this cancer is growing.