Day 469

(Steve) #21

Lee, I got that feeling too. We’re near a breaking point. I am reading The Dangerous Mind of Donald Trump and it is frightening. I’m a layman, but everybody can form their own opinion, but he’s obviously a very sick man when one understands the definition of sociopath and malignant narcissism. One of the questions that the psychologists ponder is, is Trump Crazy Like a Fox, or just Crazy Like a Crazy?

I think the bottom line with this Giuliani thing is that he and Trump feed off each other (both narcissists of varying degrees) and they concocted this bizarre story, which is that rich people AND celebrities, have all these “burdens” of paying off people who attack them for no reason, via teams of lawyers. Folks this is normal, move along now… Trump has more or less admitted that Cohen was his “tool” for taking care of whatever problem arose, sort of like how you or I would reach for a breaker bar when we need to change a tire.

( Lee Miller) #22

Thanks for comforting reply. Comforting in the sense that neither of us is alone in the assault and on going gobsmacking by illustrious leader. There are SO many who are culpable and we should not let them off the hook, worms that they are.


Agreed. While I disagree with his politics and his Trump love-fest, from everything I’ve heard from him in interviews post-ousting he seems like an intelligent, mostly decent, and moderate guy. His downfall was that he had a mind of his own and wasn’t a Trump sycophant.


I’m currently traveling in Europe and was in Hungary. I saw local TV running news on their president with associated images of Trump. The US reputation has been hurt and it looks
like a politician who wants to divide their country will use Trumps coatails, so sad. We use to be the spotlight for democracy now we are the spotlight for divisiveness