Day 533


Have you guys listened to the conversation between Vox’s Ezra Klein and Lawfare’s Susan Hennessey about the Russia Investigation? They layout what we have learned since January and what the consequences may be in the future. I’m not really an Ezra Klein fan but I felt this conversation was very informative and necessary. Worth a listen.

Episode Summary:

What have we actually learned about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, and his administration’s efforts to cover those ties up? What role did Russia really play in the 2016 election? And what are special counsel Robert Mueller’s possible endgames — what can he really do, and when might he do it?
In January, I had Lawfare’s Susan Hennessey on the podcast to guide me through the Trump-Russia case, and it’s one of the most helpful — and popular — episodes we’ve done. Now she’s back, and given how much more we know now than we did eight months ago, it’s an even crazier, more necessary, conversation. Enjoy!

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