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Day 792


Marcie Wheeler has some thoughts via Twitter thread. Click tweet to see full thread. :point_down:

I think it’s safe to assume therory 1 until more evidence from the actual report presents itself. What do you all think?


I’ve seen some abject grief from people that the special counsel probably won’t issue any more indictments, like this is the end. It is so clearly not the end. It’s the beginning.

(David Bythewood) #23

Definitely just the beginning. I think many don’t understand how that works.

On a lighter note, Trump put razor wire up at the border as a stupid PR stunt.

Residents of Tijuana are stealing it.

I can’t stop laughing at the idiocy.

(John Robi) #24

While we were all distracted by Muller, Stephen Moore seems like the most terrifying news of the day. Guardian is pretty bleak. Any more background on this guy?


I know I read an opinion piece on him today, but now I can’t find it. The writer has been covering him since 1997 and had nothing good to say.

Found it

(David Bythewood) #26

More on the whole “stealing materials meant for the wall” story.

Still hilarious.

Concertina wire installed by U.S. troops on the border is being stolen and sold for home security in Tijuana. Mexicans Are Stealing Border Wall Materials, Using Them For Home Security | HuffPost via @HuffPost


Pretty sure this still counts as securing the wall.

Well… a wall.

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