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1/ The economy added 501,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics revision. Trump's tax cuts resulted in fewer restaurants, hotels, retailers and professional business services jobs than it initially reported. Trump, meanwhile, recently exaggerated that "We've created over 6 million new jobs since the election." Since Trump took office, however, the country has added about 5.7 million jobs. (MarketWatch / New York Times / Washington Post)

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I wish I’d hit you up earlier on this one. #4 about the White Supremacist blog post is sorta non-news, and the headline is misleading. There was a link to the post, along with a collection of other news links, in the email. It was a standard, semi-automated daily news brief. The headline makes it sound like just this one blog post was shared via email out of the blue. A lot of folks, including Rep. Omar, are blowing this way out of proportion.

These news briefs are intended to share what the media (and to some extent, the public) are talking about, both bad and good. This is a critical tool for public servants - folks who work with the public need to know what the public is saying, even if it’s critical or even hateful. Not being aware of critical news can lead to a public servant or organization getting blindsided.

While parts of the Justice Department organization need to be informed about articles like the White Supremacist blog post, the article probably should have been hand-filtered out of the list for general employee consumption. It was a sloppy oversight and handled poorly. My money is on this being sheer incompetence over bad intent.

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The Right Is Falling for Its Own Fake Antifa Accounts

The president of the United States suggesting the head of the Fed is a greater threat to America than a dictator he’s often called his friend is surely normal, right?

He also misspelled Jay Powell’s name and had to re-post.

And as if today can’t get weirder, it seems when Donnie named himself “the Chosen One” to take on China in trade, he decided that also means he gets to order American companies to stop dealing with China. Seriously.

He is also order all postal carriers to search for and refuse shipments of Fentanyl, as if this was something they were previously ignoring,

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Our involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen has been heinous, a desperate effort to show they’re still our most valued ally in the region. It’s not going well.

Trump is about to lose his first war. Will he admit it?


And with T’s remarks on companies finding alternatives to China…here’s what is happening.


Yes, I was just going to post that crazy thread. It’s a whole story in itself! Click tweet to see full thread :point_down:


WOW…thx. @Pet_Proletariat - I had not seen what the Fed’s role in hopefully smoothing the markets out, while T is on the crazy-tweet-train this am…spewing.

Oh MY…and WTF-ery.

Hold on tight…it is still going to be a bumpy ride. :roller_coaster:



Yup. Trump tanked the markets this morning with his Twitter comments. WTF is wrong with him? I thought he liked having a good economy?


You gotta love this…

And this…


Meanwhile these two banks Deutsch and Capital One are refusing to verify if they do have T’s tax returns…this has been a highly anticipated hearing. We need to wait another 48 hrs.:exploding_head:

Lawyers for Deutsche Bank and Capital One repeatedly refused Friday to tell an appellate court in New York whether the banks are in possession of President Donald Trump’s tax returns, citing “contractual obligations” not to disclose the information and drawing the ire of a panel of judges.

The three-judge panel was so frustrated by the lawyers’ refusal to answer that at one point one of the judges suggested the appellate court might seek an order for the information.

After several minutes of argument on the subject, the panel directed the lawyers to file letters under seal within 48 hours saying whether the banks have Trump’s tax returns. But while the banks’ lawyers indicated they would respond in writing, it wasn’t clear that they agreed to provide that information.

The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump
The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump
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FFS, somebody take the dotard’s phone away. No way he’s THIS obtuse.


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