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(Lynn) #2131

This photo is WAY too flattering…it’ll probably end up on his golf-cart driver’s license…:rofl:


Yes…true. But THIS is how he really sees himself, and is part of his fundraising page. #ThinkGoldfinger

Renamed #MaliciousIntent

(Lynn) #2133

I agree, he wants to be seen as the “absolute ruler”. Instead he’s the absolute :poop:

(& in black & white, the orange doesn’t show…ROFL)

(Lynn) #2134

And about trump winning that “man of the year” award as he claims, I think he may have miss-heard when they called him the “scam of the year”. :wink:


:rofl: good one @elaphe





(M A Croft) #2140

Sarah Cooper wonders
Should I take Insulin?


(Lynn) #2142

Forget the insulin, I’m still hoping he guzzles some bleach…you know, free teeth whitening while cleaning out his lungs & all…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(David Bythewood) #2143

I so wish this was real.

(Lynn) #2144

Oh the horrors of being without trump’s tweets…please please PUHLEEZE shut down twitter…no one would miss you, MORON! (this I gotta see! :laughing:)

(David Bythewood) #2145

(David Bythewood) #2146



SAN FRANCISCO (The Borowitz Report)—Servers belonging to the social-media platform Twitter burst into flames on Thursday, after the company attempted to fact-check all of Donald Trump’s tweets.

“We knew that fact-checking Trump’s tweets was going to put a strain on our system,” Jack Dorsey, the C.E.O. of Twitter, said. “We had no idea that it would result in columns of fire shooting forty feet into the air.”

Reportedly, an explosion in the server fact-checking Trump’s tweets about Joe Scarborough ignited a blaze that quickly spread to a server furiously vetting his tweets about Barack Obama.

Fire trucks rushed to Twitter headquarters to extinguish the inferno, which San Francisco officials called the largest fact-checking-related fire incident in the city’s history.

While no one was injured in the conflagration, Dorsey quietly shelved plans to fact-check all of Donald Trump, Jr.,’s tweets.


One of the Winklevoss twins who claimed that Zuckerberg ran off with their Facebook idea - story of The Social Network

(Lynn) #2149

(M A Croft) #2150

No you can’t have her she’s ours! And nor can Oz. But watch to the end and you will see an important message. :wink: