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Trump’s Hollywood Star Greatly Improved by Black Lives Matter Graffiti

Someone also left a literal bag of feces on the star.


Antifa ‘humor’



Water cooler moment:

So I have a these Republican cousins, who I’ve greatly admired in the past. I don’t know why but they’re extra hating Democrats this week on all social media. It’s like furious crazy fake news meme posting. Anyone else experiencing a similar uptick in the big D, Democratic hate memes? It’s all wild sort of QAnon lite stuff, lots of old Clinton, Obama, DNC in a cabal with the Illuminati. Normally, I’d ignore it because they were normal before all this but I seriously think they’ve been red pilled by Facebook memes. Should I say something? How do you guys deal with this?

I’m just like oh no, not you too. :pensive:


I try to ignore all the gnashing of fakery and allow them their spew. I do not have any in-my-face commenters near me, so the issue becomes moot for me.

I do read the unruly comments in forums, and know what the ‘party line’ is…usually has the words Radical left, socialist, etc.

My best responses that are fairly neutral…that don’t stir up attitude.

“I have to agree to disagree”

“To each, their own.”

“My facts do not line up with yours…”

and the most passive aggressive one…but truthful.
'Let your conscious be your guide on this one."

Never easy to not engage…but do not engage. Peace out…and get out the vote.:grin:


Take that Mr. President and we are are pretty well aware of all your tricks. We found the manual.


Ulgh I’m so sorry Pet, this is so f*ing exhausting. I have ppl in my life like this too, and it is super hard b/c I love them but can’t wrap my head around how they can be so blind. That red-pill shit is incredibly easy to swallow, it has been workshopped to death to make it palatable and work in tandem with unconscious bias even the best of us have. It is hard work to fight that, and most ppl can’t/won’t do it.

I hate confrontation so much, I’d rather just continue to be a wallflower, and yet I find myself shakily pointing out as much hard evidence as I can that will challenge their dipshitery. I don’t do it all the time, and if I’m met with bad faith arguments I end my involvement in the conversation b/c I have to protect my own mental health.

I think this is a time when a lot of people are starting to lose friends and family members and IT SUCKS SO BAD. It feels lonely and isolating and horrible a lot of times, but for what it’s worth I have your back virtually, you’re not alone.

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Speaking of which, this thread is made for that:


















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I cannot verify if this is real or not; the crybaby racist took down his twitter account.





I had to go look this term up, lol.

Heather Cox Richardson says she counters once then drops it.
I try to link a post with my point of view. Then I wonder if I’m in a bubble too. This insanity is driving me crazy!

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Another good one from the MeidasTouch: (watch video)


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a series of angry tweets on Thursday, Donald J. Trump lashed out at the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, declaring, “This is not the military I avoided serving in.”

Calling Milley’s apology for appearing in last week’s controversial church photo op “a disgrace,” Trump said, “The United States military of my youth was known for courage and valor, which is why I got a podiatrist’s note to get out of being a part of it.”

Recalling that episode from a half century ago, Trump said, “As I watched my podiatrist dictate that note, I thought about the great institution of the U.S. military, which I would be exempted from participating in. That institution is unrecognizable today.”

With his apology, Trump claimed, “Mark Milley has besmirched the memories of all the Americans who fought so hard to avoid fighting.”

In his most caustic broadside against Milley, Trump questioned the general’s ability to lead U.S. forces and said that he might have to find “someone else” to launch the American invasion of Seattle.

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The GOP finally has a platform I can get behind.

G.O.P. Platform, Rolled Over From 2016, Condemns the ‘Current President’

After the Republican National Committee kept outdated language from four years ago, when Barack Obama was still president, the party’s platform includes more than three dozen unflattering references to those in power at the White House.


Oldie but a Goodie

Colbert’s “truthiness” bit

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The irony of “red pilled” is that they think in this context they’re Neo when instead they’re siding with Agent Smith.


For reference, sorry guys I’m not on my best game. :hugs:

And this,

Should give you the gist.


Four years, from 1861 to 1865 but I like this sentiment