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Sarah Cooper - How to mask~



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I keep coming back to this moment during the Bush administration in which Jon Stewart is literally begging Tucker Carlson to stop hurting America. Seems almost prophetic, surreal.

Fast-forward to today

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Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller is making millions off of this pandemic through the Trump regime’s raiding of the virus relief efforts to pay off their supporters and friends.

Of course he doesn’t want that to end.

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A quirky wooden sculpture of US First Lady Melania Trump near her hometown in Slovenia is reported to have been set on fire on July 4th, prompting its removal.

I was nowhere near Slovenia. I swear.

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Music has always been at the cutting edge of current events.

COVID-19, George Floyd, & the madness of now, all in The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady, from Kid Cudi and Eminem.

If it doesn’t melt your mind, you’re not listening.

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Perfect shot.


Sarah Cooper - How to Cognitive

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Personally, I’m delighted to know that Melania’s feeling the heat…& on July 4th even! :sunglasses:
I was nowhere near Slovenia either, honest! But a big pre-COVID hug to whomever was…

I just hope that her husband is also “toast” in November… :wink:


From Julie Brown, journalist from Miami Herald, who kept Epstein’s evil doings in the public eye



Something about apostrophes…AppleDoesNotFall/LearnTooFarFromTheTree

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Well trump only claims to have all the best words…he never said he has all the best punctuation. :smirk:

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He can’t even mask right.