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Colbert takes on ‘The Cognitive Test,’ - and :joy: a Good Will Hunting angle.

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Gun-Wielding St. Louis Couple Hit With Felony Charge

Mark and Patricia McCloskey threatened a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters with their weapons late last month.


Lunatics deserve it

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Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this…as of 12 Noon PST/3PM EST today.



Some comic relief

Suppose there was a Horse loose in the Hospital - a play on what it feels like with T as president.


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Dick Cheney Blasts Trump For Sending Troops To Chicago: ‘There’s No Oil There’

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Feel like the world is going mad right now? Need a brief break from it all?

Watch this for a little while.

You’re welcome.
Utterly apolitical.

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Okay, this one made me laugh.


We will look back on this one and be like what? So… for reference

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I took an IQ test at the age of 10. They did that same thing. And they DO warn you to remember them for later, and do tell you “hey, remember those words I told you?”

What a buffoon.

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More Karen(s) from Stephen Colbert.

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So many caption possibilities - #FauciDoesItBetter

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“Oh god, oh hell, what is this thing?”


S A R A H. C O O O P E R strikes again!! :dart:

Watch “How to person woman man camera tv” on YouTube

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Did she have a Keyser Söze moment there?