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Devin Nunes tried to praise free speech after suing a fictitious cow — and it didn’t end well

California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes on Tuesday attempted to brand himself as a champion of free speech.

Nunes went on Twitter to urge his followers to start accounts on Parler, a Twitter alternative for people who don’t want to follow rules banning racism and threats of violence.

The fact that Nunes attempted to sue a fictitious Twitter account that jokes about being his cow was not lost on commentators.

Here’s some of what people were saying:












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image :woozy_face:

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I have no words.

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This isn’t funny or news, it’s just…so sad. Watch to the end.


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I saw this earlier today. Powerful.

In other news:

Trump shares a story warning his administration is the start of totalitarianism

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Donald Trump’s plan to dispatch troops to several American cities has hit a major snag, as federal agents have been unable to determine which unmarked van in the Department of Homeland Security parking garage is theirs.

According to one agent who spoke on condition of anonymity, hundreds of agents are currently wandering around the huge D.H.S. garage in Washington, fruitlessly attempting to locate the correct unmarked van.

“It’s like a baggage-claim nightmare,” the agent complained. “Many unmarked vans look alike.”

Although sending unmarked vans to cities “seemed like a really cool idea at first,” the ensuing confusion might be a compelling reason to “maybe think about going with marked vans instead,” the frustrated agent said.

Speaking to reporters, the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, said that agents’ inability to locate the correct unmarked vans had been “exaggerated,” and added that he was working with the D.H.S. laundry to insure that agents stop receiving other agents’ unmarked uniforms.


There is a joke in there somewhere…as the headline suggests.

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I assume it was swerving to avoid this:



New York Daily News headlines for 7.31.20.

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Sarah Cooper How to TikTok


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I am embarking on a new task; I am keeping a watch on the pages of some of the big video makers so I can post them here.

Meidas Touch

Really American

The Lincoln Project

Eleven Films

Brave New Films



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