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From Roger Stone’s Instagram feed. :astonished:

Who is going to tell him?

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Not sure if anyone here follows the Australian Guardian’s First Dog on the Moon…
But here is a take on the Space Force logos from down under…


Aw, he took it down. Oh well that what screen shots are for. :smirk:


As name calling goes, this one is pretty specific.

‘Like a dog’: Trump has a long history of using canine insults to dehumanize enemies

The Debrief: An occasional series offering a reporter’s insights

In President Trump’s singular lexicon, there is no more vicious put-down than likening an adversary to a dog.

“Choked like a dog.”

“Fired like a dog.”

“Sweat like a dog.”

Then there is what Trump said Tuesday of Omarosa Manigault-Newman, his former reality-television protege and White House staffer who is now scorned and telling all in her new book, “Unhinged,” and accompanying media tour.

“When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out,” Trump tweeted. “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!”

Animalistic slurs come easily to Trump, who over the past few years has likened a long list of perceived enemies to dogs — including former FBI director James B. Comey, former acting attorney general Sally Q. Yates, former chief White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon, former 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), journalist David Gregory and conservative commentator Erick Erickson.

But in Trump’s telling, Manigault-Newman did not simply get fired “like a dog.” She was a “dog” herself.

The president’s calling a woman a dog — and not just any woman, but the highest-ranking African American who has served on his White House staff — drew stern condemnations.

“Mr. President, it is beneath you and the office of the presidency to call any woman a dog,” Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) tweeted. “It is degrading and demeaning, and I pray that you will stop this vulgar behavior. Our country is better than this.”

History is replete with authoritarian leaders who have sought to dehumanize individuals or groups of people by calling them animals.

“In the fascist style of politics, one of the crucial elements is distinguishing ‘us’ from ‘them.’ We are intrinsically good; they are intrinsically bad, defective, subhuman, etcetera,” said David Livingstone Smith, a philosophy professor who studies dehumanization and racism and wrote a book on the subject, “Less Than Human.”

Smith said dehumanizing rhetoric is used by leaders to elicit fear and solidarity against some perceived existential threat from “others.” Yet while dogs are considered dirty in some cultures, such as in the Middle East, they are popular in the United States as household pets and are considered loyal and adoring. Smith suggested that a more apt slur in America would be calling some a rat or pig or wolf.

But Trump, an avowed germaphobe, has long had an aversion to dogs.

“Donald was not a dog fan,” his first wife, Ivana, writes in her memoir, “Raising Trump.” “When I told him I was bringing Chappy with me to New York, he said, ‘No.’”

But Ivana persisted, bringing her poodle with her when the couple moved in together.

“It’s me and Chappy or no one,” she recalls telling her husband

Chappy, it turned out, did not much care for Trump, either. Ivana writes that when Trump approached her closet, her poodle would bark at him territorially.

Trump is the first modern president not to have a dog — or any pet — in the White House.








This is amazing. I hated the image itself, but the fact that he unironically posted it on his instagram feed… priceless.


Roger Stone was showing his support for this president and his polices. :smirk::wink::frog:


Let the facts remain…and articulation of what have been loved and considered family in the WH.

The rest is sheer BS - amping up wattage for the base.


Pod Save America
“The white nationalist variety hour.”

Thx. @Pet_Proletariat for linking previous Pod Saves America.

I like to hear the laughing amidst all this horrid daily news.


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Just because


Tucker Carlson tries to claim Tacos are an American food to a reporter from Univision. Does he seem super high or is that just me?


I’m guessing imagined outrage over selfies is probably more important and newsworthy than whatever’s showing up on the ticker, anyway