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(John) #42

If you’re tired of all those pumpkin spice lattes (or now reflexively just gag when you see the color orange), Starbucks has a new fall line-up of drinks, including ones like “N.R.A. Shots in the Dark”, “Flat White Privilege”, and the Trump special, “Nuclear-Annihilation Almond Latte” :laughing:


Maybe not split your sides laughing, but this made me happy

(Ashley ) #44

I knew Manafort reminded me of someone, but I could never figure out who!!
manafort or shooter mcgavin



A Classic from Pod Save America

(Ashley ) #48

That’s the shirt I’m wearing in my profile picture! :grin:

(Ashley ) #49

I think Rep Eric Swalwell wins for best #280characters tweet! :joy:


There are SO MANY great things floating around from last night’s debate, too. I need to see what I can find. I always do <3 Sanders.


Aw, I missed this from Nihilist Arby’s when it was relevant.


@Zilla :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Ashley ) #53

I might be the only that finds this funny because there are so much meta here, that it’s hysterical coming from a 83 yr old Senator (his office, but still!)…

(I’ve officially started a folder devoted to Orrin Hatch tweets because they are just too much lately. :joy:)





(John) #56

This is Amanda Werner’s twitter account. There’s some great stuff on her twitter feed like this brief clip where she chases after the former CEO who was getting into the elevator to hand him a bribe/bag of money :smirk: :joy:

(Martha C. Horbostel) #57

My latest description of 45 :person_climbing:

I too, in all my years have never, ever been so utterly embarrassed or furious that this creature bred from the depths of the chthonic world inhabits the position of representing this country or myself in the eyes of the world. Go back to where it belongs.

Really enjoyed the visual image of this creature that makes swamp water appear clean :joy::joy::blush::blush::moyai:


(Ashley ) #59

While it’s not funny to see the President demeaning a Senator via Twitter.

However, Corker’s response wins 2017, :100::

Trump’s tweetstorm “moment”


Me today. Well everyday lately.


An extremely patronizing jab at non-action about gun control legislation: