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It’s that special time again. :smirk:





Headlines du jour

Always enlightening! (note sarcasm) to see what T’s team considers their best defense now. See the headlines on Breitbart’s page…

Oh, and it’s T’s tweets that are the most assured defense strategy…blame the other guy.



I love this, just after the Cohen plea deal



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Same, I think about this clip all the time.
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me too. :open_mouth:

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Happy Holidays…:rofl:

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Why is everybody laughing? trump is “like a really smart guy” right? :smirk:



The Borowitz Report

BUENOS AIRES (The Borowitz Report)—In an unusual display of unity by an often fractious organization, the leaders of the G-20 nations voted unanimously on Saturday to deny Donald J. Trump’s urgent request for asylum.

Prior to the vote, Trump had been heard asking colleagues ranging from Angela Merkel to Xi Jinping for safe harbor in their countries, sweetening his request with offers of free luxury penthouses in Trump buildings around the globe.

In the most stunning insult to Trump, his closest allies, Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman, responded to his asylum request by laughing uproariously in his face and high-fiving each other.

After the resolution to deny Trump asylum passed by a 19–0 vote, international observers said that they had never seen the G-20 act with such enthusiastic solidarity. “Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron were practically peeing themselves,” one observer said.

After receiving the resounding rebuke from the G-20, Trump grumpily withdrew to his hotel room, where he reportedly placed several calls to Kim Jong Un that went straight to voice mail

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During the signing ceremony, President Trump appears to sign in the wrong place on one of them.
:point_down: Click tweet the watch the reactions, it’s hilarious.

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