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I keep forgetting to post this video. It’s my favorite this year of strange political humor.

This one too.


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Satire from The Borowitz Report

Mueller Says He Has Obtained Trump’s SAT Scores

By Andy Borowitz

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The special counsel’s office has obtained Donald J. Trump’s long-suppressed SAT scores, Robert Mueller confirmed on Thursday.

After the SAT results were retrieved, a forensics lab examined the microscopic scores and positively identified them as Trump’s, the special counsel explained.

Mueller said that he did not seek Trump’s SAT scores because he thought that they would have any bearing on his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. “My team has been putting in long hours and working very, very hard,” he said. “I just thought they deserved a good laugh.”

Although he refused to divulge Trump’s exact SAT scores, Mueller hinted that they did reflect well on Trump in one respect. “From these SATs, it’s evident that he did not cheat off anyone else’s paper,” he said.




:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: best rant ever



Putting this under “Humor” because we do not know when the Mueller Report is coming out…so here’s a place to pre-order it for a March 26, 2019 drop.
(Intro by Alan Dershowitz)

Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated report on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russia and the President Donald Trump’s campaign team is expected to be published in a book by The Washington Post.

According to the American Booksellers Association, customers can now place pre-orders for two “upcoming titles” featuring Mueller’s closely watched report, which is believed to be nearing completion, on the website.

The first is the Department of Justice’s own The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion, which is being published by Skyhorse Publishing and has an introduction by U.S. lawyer Alan Dershowitz. The full report can be purchased for $12.99 and has a release date of March 26.

The second publication is The Washington Post 's The Mueller Report, which is priced at $15 and is also set to be released on March 26.


WTF. WTF WTF. - feels like it is not too far off. :exploding_head:

(M A Croft) #955



Satire from The Borowitz Report

Trump Storms Out of McDonald’s After Failing to Close Six-Dollar Meal Deal

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Capping a singularly disastrous week for the Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump stormed out of a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s restaurant on Friday after failing to close a six-dollar Meal Deal at the establishment.

At approximately 12:30 P.M. , Trump took a break from his designated “executive time” to travel to the nearby McDonald’s, where he placed an order for a Meal Deal consisting of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, Coke, and an apple pie.

Tracy Klugian, the McDonald’s employee who took Trump’s order, said that he was aware of Trump’s difficulty in closing deals and therefore hiked the price of the Meal Deal to twelve dollars.

“I really thought he would drive a harder bargain, what with ‘The Art of the Deal’ and all,” the McDonald’s staffer said. “I was kind of surprised when he just bailed.”

With the McDonald’s deal in tatters, one White House aide acknowledged that Trump “really needs a win right now,” and that he was en route to Arby’s.



Peter Sagan is a guest, he hosts NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Mewhich is one of the greatest NPR shows of all time. Hilarity ensues. Top ten all time episodes for sure. Click link for podcast :point_down:

Trump’s ex-lawyer (and just plain ex-lawyer) Michael Cohen testifies before Congress and it was WILD. Fox & Friends is loving the dynamic between Trump and Kim Jong Un. And Green Book is drawing all the attention away from the fact that Bohemian Rhapsody is also bad. Live from the Chicago Theater, Peter Sagal, Akilah Hughes, and Kim Bellware join to break down a lot of big news along with rising health care prices, redlining in the housing market, and why Lovett actually likes Malort.


Yes, what is it?



MUELLER in the Mardi Gras house!!!


Doesn’t he understand how ridiculous he looks? If he hadn’t actually tweeted it himself, you’d swear this was something Photoshopped by The Onion.

Here’s a closeup. This is looney tunes.


A couple brilliant reactions:

And can’t resist re-upping this from eons ago.