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Why is that…


Another: is this The Onion or is this Real Life?

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‘Aloha also means goodbye’: Trump greeted with cheers and protests in Hawaii ahead of Asia trip

These signs are killing me. :joy:

(Photos via @jaweeskaleem)


“Welcome to Kenya” is the winner, the internet can go home now.


I love @congressedits, today is a pretty good one:

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OMG. I’ve never heard of this. I was just scrolling through some and there are some GEMS.


Sent this to my marine buddy earlier for veterans day


Pretty much the exact expression on my shitty kitty’s face whenever I try to have any conversation about anything but naps.

Thank you to the vets here on the forum, too, glad you’re with us.

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glad im not the only one who calls their cat “shitty kitty” :joy:

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Literally almost choked laughing at this tweet. :rofl::rofl:


oh my god

that got a pretty good laugh

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omggggg. i downloaded this chrome extension that changes trump’s tweets into kid’s writing, i didn’t expect it to work on other sites besides twitter. i was scrolling through today and saw this i was literally loling bc it caught me totally off-guard (ppl in my office didn’t seem happy ab that :joy:).

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Source: @SovietSergey


@mouseam :joy::joy::joy:


My roommate uses that extension, I ended up skipping it because his tweets are hard enough to translate into usable language as it is.

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I feel like we may need a sub-humor thread for MoC on Twitter. :joy: :joy:





@Seabass lmfao :raised_hands:t3: :joy_cat:


It’s the dream!