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WaPo made an ASMR video of the Mueller report


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I see William Barr is settling into his new role of hiding eggs as smoothly as he did his old one of hiding truth and Trump regime crimes.


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My polling data is way better than that of Rasmussen…


Satire from The Borowitz Report

Americans Beg Trump for Secret to Staying So Young and Vibrant

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Americans across the country wish that Donald Trump would reveal his secret to staying so young and vibrant, the nation’s personal trainers have confirmed.

According to Tracy Klugian, a fitness professional in St. Louis, “not a day goes by” without one of his clients requesting a physical regimen that will give him or her the youthful appearance and mental sharpness that have made Trump the envy of millions.

“Clients will come in and say, ‘Make me as young and vibrant as Donald Trump,’ ” Klugian said. “I have to warn them that that’s setting the bar very, very high.”

Having analyzed Trump’s fitness habits, Klugian has theorized that his startling youthfulness and off-the-charts vibrance might be the result of eight hours that he devotes each day to “executive time.”

“Lifting the remote, putting it down, lifting it again, and then tweeting is an exercise routine that very few people could keep up for one hour, and Trump does it for eight,” he said. “I tell my clients, if you want to be as young and vibrant as Donald Trump, you’re going to have to put in that kind of time.”

Klugian said that he was also putting clients on a “Trump diet,” consisting entirely of hamburgers and Coke, to give their bodies the fuel necessary to complete the gruelling remote-lifting-and-tweeting workout.

But the personal trainer said that he urges his clients not to be discouraged if, even after adopting Trump’s rigorous exercise routine and diet, they fail to achieve Trump’s physical perfection.

“At the end of the day, Donald Trump has found the Fountain of Youth, and also the Fountain of Vibrance,” he said.


I know what happened.

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Meanwhile, on reddit, trump supporters are attempting to relitigate the civil war.

"Traitorous? Well, that depends how you look at it. "








Thank you, Colbert. My blood pressure shot up 20 points today during the hearing so this was helpful in bringing it back down a few notches. Hilarious stuff and spot on. :laughing: :dart:


Right on! :clap:t3:

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Ok…this may be the best laugh since we’ve hit a real wall in terms of what has befallen us…T getting away with all of his scandalous, and illegal behavior and stalling it out until 2020.

Bill Maher ends his show with feeling unable to cope with the monster that is T, and has taken to this form of therapy ASMR…which when you see it, it WILL make you laugh or cry depending. (sorry if it links to YouTube…)



Woke up with this L7 song stuck in my head. And then I remembered it was Tuesday and it was time to update my congressional “shitlist”.