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Panama City Beach, FL tonight at a T rally. I can not stop looking at that trash can. Want to light it on fire.:fire:


(M A Croft) #1050



# Alabama Senate Votes to Virtually Eliminate Tourism to Alabama

By Andy Borowitz
MONTGOMERY, Alabama (The Borowitz Report)—The Alabama Senate voted on Tuesday to approve a measure that would virtually eliminate tourism to Alabama.

Greg Reed, the Senate Majority Leader, said that, if signed into law, the measure would achieve his fellow Republican senators’ long-standing goal of making tourism to Alabama “so rare as to be essentially nonexistent.”

“This is a great day for everyone in the state of Alabama who has worked so hard to wipe out the evil scourge of tourism,” he said.

The bill now goes to the desk of Governor Kay Ivey, who has been aggressively urged to sign it by anti-tourism activists.

“If Governor Ivey does the right thing and signs the bill, Alabama could start losing billions of dollars right away,” Reed said. “This will be the best thing to keep people from visiting Alabama since Roy Moore.”


Not needed Ted.

…and lame remarks by Sen Ted Cruz.



Oldie but a goodie



Via Kyle Griffin


Maybe spoilers, idk anymore. :woman_shrugging:t2:


A classic from VEEP.
Not safe for work or small children, profanities. :headphones:

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(David Bythewood) #1061

Darth #StableGenius is back thanks to another deranged press conference he had today.

He really does hire the “best people”, huh?


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Nancy Pelosi changing Trump’s diaper :joy::joy::joy:
Click tweet to watch video :point_down:

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Trump’s finally gone the Full McCarthy, and this is what I have to say about it:



See-no-evil R’s