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Know your GOP tactics. #Whataboutism and #Bothsidesism are both part of a larger, persistent GOP strategy: POS or Phony Outrage Syndrome.

The best current example? Mike Pence is angry at CNN for filming him at the detention centers. He screams at them for “disrespecting him”, when the truth is he’s simply furious that they pulled off his mask and showed his true face.


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With all the bad things happening, here is a moment of beauty. The entire @carnegiehall choir including conductor are putting on an impromptu concert by singing outside during the blackout! #NYCBlackout #BeautifulSoundsDuringBlackout



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Today has been a hard day. The sheer scope of Trump’s evil is exhausting. But two days ago thousands, perhaps even millions came together to say they will stand as beacons in the night, they will be the light, they will continue to FIGHT

They want us exhausted and burned out. Help each other along. Rest when you need to, come back energized. We all will be here to walk with you, and know you will be there for us when we tire.

We win together.

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And now your word for the day.

Oh dear.

Tiny statues of Trump with signs inviting dogs to ‘pee on me’ appear across Brooklyn

  • Advertising executive Phil Gable created and placed the small statues
  • They depict Donald Trump in the 1980s and have a sign reading 'Pee on me’
  • Gable made them to express disdain for Trump 'as President and a human being’

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For all those hearing the news that Richard Spencer is the new Acting Defense Secretary, DON’T PANIC.

It’s not THAT Richard Spencer. It’s a totally different one, the current Navy Secretary.

We haven’t slipped THAT far.


There are a lot of MAGA-bots out there defending Trump’s racism right now.
This handy graphic should help deal with them.


Does he mean Al-Qaeda? :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:
Some Peopel, amirite?


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15 Dumbest Donald Trump Quotes

We’ve previously featured Stupid Jean-Claude Van Damme Quotes and Borderline Insane Kanye West Quotes, but they’ve got nothing compared to the great chairman himself: the brilliant Donald Trump.

John Oliver pronounces country names the way Trump would.

John Oliver - Trump’s countries you’ve never even heard of

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In DC? Come make some noise!


Can’t fit the full GIF below, so uploading it in two parts:




I agree with this sentiment from a former a FBI Counterintelligence Agent and the former White House Ethics Chief who resigned in protest.

The current news cycle is too much for me, I’m going to just follow congressional news until it clears ups.

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One more step toward being a cyborg superhero!

No more dialysis, Scientists Have Developed A Bionic Kidney!


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Totally actual footage of tonight’s meeting of Vanilla Isis. Er, Trump rally, I meant Trump rally.

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…no words


Satire from The Borowitz Report

Nation Apparently Believed in Science at Some Point

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—Historians studying archival photographs from four decades ago have come to the conclusion that the U.S. must have believed in science at some point.

According to the historian Davis Logsdon, who has been sifting through mounds of photographic evidence at the University of Minnesota, the nation apparently once held the view that investing in science and even math could yield accomplishments that would be a source of national pride.

While Logsdon has not developed a complete theory to explain the United States’ pro-science stance during that era, he attributes some of it to the liberal views of the President at that time, Richard M. Nixon.