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And now here is a dolphin blowing a bubble ring and playing with it. You’re welcome.



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Fun to watch gundamentalist heads explode over this one.

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Click tweet for video :point_down:

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Is it me, or did Breitbart, notorious as they are for pandering to white supremacists, nazis, misogynists, and trolls, pick the photo that MOST makes Trump look like a Pepe here?

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Is Donald Trump trying to deport Melania?


I was going to post this. It’s a great piece. :grin:

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Missing in action: Classic green Army men still have no women figurines, and this 6-year-old is not having it

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And here is video of Trump accidentally fat shaming and kicking out one of his own supporters.

I just realized President Moron’s badly-scrawled rainbow flag being upside down is just one more example of how dumb he is.

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This article is dumb, very dumb, but I keep reading this in the Mooch’s voice and laughing uproariously:

“He’s got the self-worth in terms of his self-esteem of a small pigeon. It’s a very small pigeon. And so you think this guy’s gonna look at those poll numbers and say — he’s not gonna be able to handle that humiliation.”

Trump to drop out of 2020 race within months, former aide claims


Just a 'lil headline trick by The Daily News.


Sound it out… :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, somebody showed me that. I thought I took it down from the places I had it up, forgot I posted it here.


:boom: She has a point.


Satire from The Borowitz Report

Unskilled Man Fears He Will Lose Job in Recession

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—A man with no identifiable skills is deeply worried that a recession could cause him to lose his job, people close to the man have confirmed.

The man, who has barely clung to his job for the past two and a half years, is justified in believing that an economic downturn would result in his unemployment, experts said.

“When the economy is good, it’s possible for someone like him to hold down a job for which he is woefully unqualified,” Harland Dorrinson, a human-resources specialist, said. “But when the economy goes south, look out.”

Dorrinson said that the unskilled man’s résumé, which lists six bankruptcies and multiple business failures, could come under scrutiny in the event of a recession.

“His employers might find themselves asking, ‘How did he get this job in the first place?’ ” Dorrinson said.

Additionally, the man’s near-total lack of education—evidenced by his inability to spell common one-syllable words or to identify the century in which the airplane was invented—could make him vulnerable to termination, the human-resources expert said.

“On the plus side, he enjoys watching television for eight hours a day,” Dorrinson said. “During a recession, he’ll be able to do even more of that.”


This made me laugh…random blog post from a professor/historian. At this juncture, it is fine to make light of their personalities, despite the fact the stake are so high.

If The Democratic Primary Field Was a University History Department

The Democratic primary field is a mix of clashing personalities who like to hear themselves talk and where white men are overrepresented. I was immediately reminded of the dynamics in a university history department when I watched this week’s debates. With that in mind, here is the Democratic primary field (or at least most of it) as a history department.

Joe Biden is the old professor still teaching off of notes he typed up in 1975 and who gets handsy at the holiday party after one too many scotch and sodas. His colleagues have been privately asking themselves for years why he hasn’t retired yet.

Bernie Sanders is the old Marxist scholar who doesn’t show up to all of the faculty meetings, but when he does he’s salty and still holds grudges established in 1983. While most of his colleagues are ambivalent to him, the grad students and adjuncts like him because he’s one of the few tenured people to actually bring their concerns to the faculty.

Kamala Harris is the hotshot rising associate professor known for showing up to job talks and destroying weak candidates with withering questions. She also suddenly became a transnational historian once that became a popular topic and abandoned her dissertation on diplomatic history.

Elizabeth Warren is the established full professor who is still putting out highly regarded research while having a high reputation as a teacher. She also has managed to take Professor Sanders’ side in faculty meeting disputes without alienating her colleagues.

Beto O’Rourke is the young, run of the mill assistant professor who thinks he is above his current department, and tries and fails every year to land a job at a more prestigious university.

Tim Ryan thinks his obsession with grade inflation is the reason that his class enrollments are low, not the fact that he is an insufferable ass who lacks empathy for his students.

Amy Klobuchar is the professor who has racked up a lot of publications but has never mentored a graduate student on through their dissertation, despite taking on several of them in their first year at the school. When asked about this her former advisees, who always take on a different advisor or drop out, go silent. Junior colleagues pray that she’s not on their tenure committee.

When Tulsi Gabbard comes up in conversation her colleagues sigh and point fingers over who was responsible for hiring her.

Pete Buttigieg is the Type A personality assistant professor who got hired while he was still ABD at an Ivy League university. He was the golden child of his well-known advisor, but he mysteriously hasn’t published anything yet.

Julian Castro is the new hire that nobody talked about when he arrived but had the fattest binders when he applied for tenure.

Cory Booker is the professor who is constantly talking about himself. This draws a core group of impressionable students who don’t understand why the other professors roll their eyes when they express their admiration for him.

Marianne Williamson is the professor who burns incense in her office and invites grad students over to her home to try edibles.

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Somebody fixed that Trump portrait floating around.