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(Ashley ) #123

grew up about 5 mins outside southwest philly lol. (and not the “5 mins” thats really 20-40 mins like people like to say, actual 5 mins…i’ve timed it lol)

the true “city” part of philly is really only center city. as you start to travel out towards the adjacent suburbs (+ those suburbs) are a different story lol. i’ve always loved center city, but i couldn’t move out of philly fast enough when i graduated high school. lol


I have buddies in Germantown and Fishtown. Love visiting them, I’m completely obsessed with the architecture and the attitude of the whole city.



(Lynn) #126

I’ve heard it said that most criminals aren’t very smart but seriously, “In fraud we trust”!??? :confused:

(Ashley ) #127

This totally belongs in the humor section…not only is it hysterical (although humiliating for this guy) that BOTH his parents EACH donated the legal max $ last year to his potential Democrat opponent — but to then have it all over the media. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:



(Lynn) #129

…or as I call them, “the religious wrong”.