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(Ashley ) #123

grew up about 5 mins outside southwest philly lol. (and not the “5 mins” thats really 20-40 mins like people like to say, actual 5 mins…i’ve timed it lol)

the true “city” part of philly is really only center city. as you start to travel out towards the adjacent suburbs (+ those suburbs) are a different story lol. i’ve always loved center city, but i couldn’t move out of philly fast enough when i graduated high school. lol


I have buddies in Germantown and Fishtown. Love visiting them, I’m completely obsessed with the architecture and the attitude of the whole city.



(Lynn) #126

I’ve heard it said that most criminals aren’t very smart but seriously, “In fraud we trust”!??? :confused:

(Ashley ) #127

This totally belongs in the humor section…not only is it hysterical (although humiliating for this guy) that BOTH his parents EACH donated the legal max $ last year to his potential Democrat opponent — but to then have it all over the media. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:



(Lynn) #129

…or as I call them, “the religious wrong”.

(Dustin Halstead) #130

Here’s a little something I made a while back :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if this is the right thread for this but in one of the pictures of Trump’s “how to human” card from the meeting with Parkland survivors last week showed that he has “45” embroidered on his cuffs. As if he needs further affirmations that yes, he’s really the 45th president.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Infowars is one strike away from being banned on YouTube!


(Matt Kiser) #134

oh man, that’s so good






:joy::joy::joy::joy: Well Done!

(Lynn) #138

Like rats from a sinking ship, eh?


Can we get a little Rick Wilson love happening here? :beers::beers:To my personal favorite never-trumper. To the man who never sleeps! :beers::beers:

Love him or hate him but follow him on Twitter, he’s hilarious.

(Lynn) #140

“White House Communications Director Hope Hicks announced today that she is resigning from her position. Which is weird, because I thought hope left the White House a year ago.” — “Late Night” host Seth Meyers


(Lynn) #141

The recap from yesterday, thanks to late night’s Stephen Colbert: :grin:


By the end of this they may need an even bigger canvas. :joy::joy::joy: