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(David Bythewood) #1550

I just had to share this thing that made my brain shut down temporarily and stare.


A 'lil ode to snowglobes…

@MissJava… would u kindly place this in humor, memes please and thank you.

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From all Nunes’ friends in the Central Valley, CA


video :point_down:

Some minds are just hard to crack…not sure it is funny HA HA…more pathetic yuk yuk

(David Bythewood) #1554

Whatever you do, don’t spread this totally true tale of how Mike Huckabee is trying to bully a small time Florida attorney who keeps mocking him on twitter. He might sue you. And we know from the case of Devin Nunes’ cow how totally frightening that is.

(David Bythewood) #1555