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I just had to share this thing that made my brain shut down temporarily and stare.


A 'lil ode to snowglobes…

@MissJava… would u kindly place this in humor, memes please and thank you.

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From all Nunes’ friends in the Central Valley, CA


video :point_down:

Some minds are just hard to crack…not sure it is funny HA HA…more pathetic yuk yuk

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Whatever you do, don’t spread this totally true tale of how Mike Huckabee is trying to bully a small time Florida attorney who keeps mocking him on twitter. He might sue you. And we know from the case of Devin Nunes’ cow how totally frightening that is.

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Satire from The Borowitz Report

Giuliani Kidnapped by Ukrainian Circus :rofl:

KYIV (The Borowitz Report)—While on a mission to Ukraine to acquire information about the business dealings of Hunter Biden, Rudy Giuliani was kidnapped by a travelling Ukrainian circus, Giuliani confirmed on Tuesday.

“It was the strangest thing,” he told reporters. “I was on a street corner talking to some people about the Bidens, and these guys came up to me and said, ‘Come with us.’ I thought they were taking me to a cable-news studio.”

Where they were taking him, it turned out, was the Krychevsky Wonder Show, a popular family-owned circus that has been travelling around Ukraine since 1873.

“We saw this guy acting entirely bizarre, and we decided we had to have him in our circus,” Oleh Krychevsky, its current proprietor, said. “It’s hard to find a sideshow attraction with that much potential.”

For two days, Giuliani filled a giant tent at Krychevsky’s, regaling audiences with tales of CrowdStrike, Burisma, and a person named Alexandra Chalupa. But soon his relationship with the circus soured.

“Even after the crowds went home, and we were all ready for bed, he wouldn’t stop talking,” Krychevsky, who ultimately fired Giuliani from the circus, said. “He is exhausting.”

Only after Giuliani’s tenure with the circus was over did Krychevsky learn the man’s true identity. “I was told he was the former mayor of New York,” he said. “I still find that impossible to believe.”


non sequitur

Las Vegas residents spotted two of the birds around town in tiny cowboy hats this week. No one seems to know how the birds got the hats, but it worries a local bird rescue group.

Are they glued on?

The NYT picks up the story and now everyone is just fine with this… :smirk:

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Awwwww. TIME picking Greta triggered somebody.


Just saying…



One smart girl in the crowd.

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Greta is great.



Satire from The Borowitz Report

Trump Named Person of the Year by Popular Sociopath Magazine

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—For the third year in a row, Donald J. Trump has been named Person of the Year by the magazine Popular Sociopath , the publication announced on Thursday.

“Once a year, we at Popular Sociopath recognize the person who best epitomizes sociopathic-personality disorder, which manifests in antisocial behavior and a total absence of conscience and concern for others,” Harland Dorrinson, the magazine’s editor, said. “We are delighted to bestow this honor, once again, on Donald J. Trump.”

Dorrinson said that Trump bested a daunting roster of competitors for the title, including the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell; the Fox News host Tucker Carlson; and Trump’s own son Donald J. Trump, Jr.

“Honestly, though, it wasn’t close,” the editor said.

When asked if he had reached out to his son since surpassing him for the magazine’s honor, Trump told reporters, “Why would I do that? I don’t care what he thinks or feels. This is all about me. What a stupid question. You’re worthless.”


What T is thinking about during this (self-induced) impeachment.

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Don’t be thrown off by the title…