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I got Gorka? Lol!

(Lynn) #144

OMG, I’m Bannon!? :face_vomiting: It was so hard to select answers when nothing appeals.
Took it again & turned into Omarosa, lol.


Alexa randomingly laughing at users deserves a WTF

(Lynn) #146

Alexa is beyond creepy, even without the random laughter, IMO. And there’s so many more important things to be paying attention to, don’t you think, than gadgets like this for tomorrow’s landfill?


I have to share the text of my result:

You got: Reince Priebus
You’ve spent your life overcoming an obstacle that was given to you at birth, and that has made you stronger, like Johnny Cash’s Boy Named Sue. But like your idol, Rumpelstiltskin, you also know that your name unlocks an immense and ancient power that makes you capable of great magic and trickery, and this will serve you well in a long and successful political career.

(Kira) #148

This is pretty amusing.

You got: Hope Hicks

Literally nobody in the world is capable of coping with as much shit as you do on a daily basis and somehow seeming completely unaffected by it. What makes you tick? Nobody will ever know. Your phone battery has been on 6% for 17 months, and every day at 2 a.m. the thought crosses your mind that you should really quit your shitty job and break up with your boyfriend. But you bury those thoughts deep, reply to another 60 emails, and get a couple hours sleep.


You guys crack me up! :joy:

(Ashley ) #150

I :hearts: Rick Wilson! His regular appearance on the “With Friends Like These” pod is the only time I really listen to it! lol

Also, Steve Schmidt is pretty awesome too. He always figures out how to have the perfect sound bites, that MSNBC likes to put in their commericals. :joy:

So did I…lol. Then I took it a 2nd time and answered with only my 2nd choice item and got Scaramucci hahaha.



Trump broke The Onion, they’re literally just reporting the facts now. :flushed:


It’s probably easier than trying to come up with something dumber than real life at this point.

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Pet_Proletariat – Hah! The second-to-the-last with Gov. Brown was very clever. I’ll admit it took me a few beats to “get” it – and that’s the kind of humor I like best!