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Wtf wtf wtf.

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There is a Trump tweet for everything.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the great businessman:



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Oh! that Windmill Cancer is serious stuff. Here is a very useful link to help you check if you have it.

I checked out on all of the first 5 symptoms! I’m not going to see the doctor because that could be fatal.

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It totally is. I many graphics for it. Some I made.


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It’s snowing in Seattle for the first time in 2020—did the White House mix up their Washington’s? Who is going to tell them that there are two? :joy:

Some hyperbole from our local news. :point_down: We don’t get a lot of snow in the year so it generates a lot of news online when it happens. Idiots probably saw a headline like this and didn’t look out the fucking window before hitting send. :joy:

Some areas hit hard by Western Washington snowfall

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I nominate this hero tortoise for Pokemon.

I am sure that’s how that works.


For real

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The Simpsons Predicted We’ll Get President Lisa Someday—but Only After President Trump

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This is my wife:

I may have helped…