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Referencing the “dulcet tones” that Cipollone says Schiff speaks with…and yet,
so does Cipollone. Oh, the irony.

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Trump’s border wall: less of a wall, more of a dotted line.




Such as it is…his brain registers expletive to me.

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Trump’s $5 million Super Bowl ad comes in dead last in ratings



This. :rofl:
Watch “Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Goes To Washington To Cover Trump’s Impeachment Trial” on YouTube


Satire from The Borowitz Report

Florida Offers to Help Iowa Count Votes

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (The Borowitz Report)—Calling the delay in the release of the Iowa caucus results “a threat to democracy,” the state of Florida has offered to help Iowa with the vote-counting process.

Harland Dorrinson, a spokesman for Florida’s official electoral commission, said on Tuesday morning that “Florida stands ready and willing to restore credibility to Iowa’s vote-tabulation procedures.”

Dorrinson added that Katherine Harris, Florida’s former secretary of state, was eager to “roll up her sleeves and clean up Iowa’s mess.”

“Just say the word, Iowa, and Katherine Harris will be on the next plane out,” he said.

For their part, Iowa Democratic Party officials said that they were already making great progress in counting the caucus results, and that early returns indicated that a white person had won.

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Orangeface is trending.




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Simon & Garfunkel were right! “…and everything looks worse in black & white!” (Kodachrome song) :hot_face:


Found this gem :gem: on Twitter last night. :joy: