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(David Bythewood) #1951

I ran that post through this site so I can DL and grab the video for myself to post:

Definitely a video though; as a GIF it would be WAY too large to upload to twitter, I tried converting it back

(David Bythewood) #1952

Thread from the Daily Show:

(David Bythewood) #1953

I am social distancing, and I couldn’t find any memes for “Force Hug”, so I made one.


Yeah…tell us during this high Holy Week please.


“Staying at home leads to death”

Our President - 12:53PM PST…


:derelict_house: :x: :couch_and_lamp: :tv: :sleeping_bed: = death

(Lynn) #1956

Perhaps trump is referring to the kind of home deaths that occur from heart attacks after excessive yelling & cursing at the TV from his endless & pointless blathering nonsense & lies that’s becoming impossible to avoid…not that I’d know anything about this, of course… :wink:


Definitely a harsh amount of cr*p to absorb…and well, no laughing matter. It has gotten so beyond that…

(Lynn) #1958


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)— In a televised interview on Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci refused to say when it would be safe to reopen Donald J. Trump’s mouth.

Fauci was responding to a question from CNN’s Jake Tapper, who asked if the esteemed virologist had a timetable for when Trump’s mouth could be reopened without endangering public health.

“The problem, Jake, is that, when his mouth is closed, we start making progress,” Fauci said. “Keeping his mouth closed is the one thing we know that works.”

“We don’t want to make the mistake of getting overconfident, reopening his mouth, and creating even worse problems than we have now,” Fauci added.

Attempting to pin down the epidemiologist, Tapper asked, “For the sake of argument, could you see reopening his mouth in the summer? In the fall?”

“In an ideal world, my answer would be never, Jake,” Fauci said.


(Lynn) #1961

Happy Easter, y’all…


Here’s my personal fav


(David Bythewood) #1964

Fixed it!

Trump’s Shady Bunch:

(David Bythewood) #1965


Not the Onion

DeSantis deems pro wrestling ‘essential business’ amid statewide stay-at-home order



A link to that viral timeline video from March


Yeah…that ‘reading’ thing is tough on a President. :scream:

MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—No one could have seen the coronavirus pandemic coming except for people who are capable of reading, a new study indicates.

The study, published by the University of Minnesota, is highly critical of the current early-warning system for global pandemics, which requires that a person have the literacy necessary to read, comprehend, and digest a memo.

“In order to see a pandemic coming, one would have to read and also understand the words, sentences, and paragraphs that compose a typical memo,” Professor Davis Logsdon, the author of the study, said. “And some of these memos can run two, three, even four pages in length.”

For someone who does not typically read, and instead spends ten or twelve hours a day watching television, “A memo like that is doomed to fall through the cracks.”

Logsdon believes that the abject failure of the current “reading-centric” early-warning system can teach us valuable lessons about how to combat future pandemics.

“Right now, the lives of millions depend upon one person not being illiterate,” he said. “That’s setting the bar awfully high.”

(David Bythewood) #1970