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Immigration: issues and policy


Cross-posting. This is good work. Immigration is shaping up to be a big issue in 2020. This is a great place to for candidates to contrast with the President and his expensive cruel policies.

Immigration: Where 2020 Democratic Candidates Stand On Border Crossings And More

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The Trump regime is deporting Cambodians who fled the Khmer Rouge, & its Cambodian genocide of the late 70s, as children in record numbers, back to a country most have never known.

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An Asylum Officer Speaks Out Against the Trump Administration’s “Supervillain” Attacks on Immigrants

“The government’s goal now is to turn everyone away, the officer said. That will empty currently crowded detention centers to make room for immigrants who have been picked up in the U.S. interior rather than at the border.”

Asylum officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, were reeling after John Lafferty, director of the asylum division, was replaced on Monday by Andrew Davidson, former deputy associate director for USCIS’s fraud detection and national security directorate. Then came the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday reinstating the Trump administration’s “third-country” rule, which effectively denies asylum to all Central American immigrants if they passed through another country on the way to the U.S. border with Mexico. It has been a very bad week for defenders of political asylum in the United States.

Lafferty had previously worked as a lawyer at Catholic Charities, an immigrant legal services nonprofit, and the asylum officers who worked under him at USCIS have generally had similar backgrounds. Many are highly educated attorneys who have worked in nonprofits assisting immigrants with asylum claims rather than trying to deport them. Lafferty’s ousting and replacement by a fraud investigator is just the latest development in the Trump administration’s assault on the asylum system, according to a USCIS asylum officer who contacted The Intercept. The asylum officer’s name is being withheld to protect against retaliation.

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ICE released a lie-filled propaganda letter to the American people:

The New Sanctuary Coalition response:

From the border:

"Tried to view “tent courts” in Laredo where migrants are in asylum hearings.

DHS employee at entrance told us NO ACCESS to media or public -even to lawyers that don’t have clients- due to the facility being located at a port of entry.


Women at the Karnes facility, many in need of medical attention, are being shipped out and scattered around the country, forced to leave their children behind!

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I can’t post here because I am limited to 3 articles in a row, but lots has happened since that really need to be tracked.


Sorry @Windthin, I’m too spread out lately but you’re correct, immigration is an important topic to maintain.

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I get it. I’ve mostly been posting these stories in other threads or adding to the posts above myself.

This is also the field I have the longest-running threads on Twitter, so I admit I try to keep up on it even when other issues are over-shadowing it. Moving my recent posts on Venezuela and Remain in Mexico here.

New details of dire conditions for pregnant women under Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Despite claims of support for Venezuela, the US is blocking asylum claims from them like pretty much everywhere else.

‘Flee as Fast as You Can.’ A Young Couple Joins Venezuela’s Exodus.

Jonathan Morales and Daliana Loyo planned for years to follow family members out of their country; they found how hard it is to leave

Trump administration denies special help to Venezuelans seeking asylum

Despite clarion calls for Venezuelan ‘freedom’ the US has resisted offering Temporary Protected Status to those fearing persecution

The Walkers: Venezuelan migrants travel hundreds of kilometers by foot to cross Colombia-Venezuela border every day.

For many, it’s only the beginning of a grueling journey.


By all means, keep going. It’s important to know.

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The GOP “rule of law” motto is meaningless.

I Won My Asylum Case, But The Government Still Won’t Release Me

Two months after my baby was born, they put me in a cell. I’m still there 10 months later, even after winning my asylum case.

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Detaining migrant children grew to a $3.5 billion business last year. Now the Trump administration is shifting some of that work towards the private sector, to a for-profit firm with former WH Chief of Staff John Kelly on its board.


Yeah taxpayer funded. :angry:

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ICE Moved 700 Women Out Of A Detention Center And Won’t Tell Lawyers Where They Are

Some of the women have serious medical issues, such as cancer or HIV, and lawyers worry they could die in detention without their ability to advocate for better treatment.

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This asylum seeker was shot in the head. Ice jailed him and gave him ibuprofen

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Some good news for a change…

Judge blocks Trump rule to deny green cards and visas to low-income immigrants

And more:

Country over party; call out ALL injustice.

$200 Million, Jailed Immigrants and a Democratic Bastion Under Fire

A New Jersey county in one of the bluest regions of the country faces mounting pressure to stop housing detained immigrants in its jail.

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I have one for the Immigration thread but can’t post it there at the moment, if anybody can move/refresh, please.

Segovia-Benitez’s attorney Roy Petty told the Phoenix New Times that he didn’t find out Segovia-Benitez had been deported until after he arrived for a planned meeting with his client at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Arizona where he was being held.

“Certainly, this is a surprise,” he told the paper Wednesday. “ICE kept his deportation a secret. They kept it a secret from him, me, his other attorney, and they kept it a secret from his mother. It’s not common practice.”

“Generally, what ICE will do is they will notify the person so the person can make arrangements. They woke him up and put him on a plane,” he continued.
U.S. Marine combat veteran, long-time Long Beach resident, deported to El Salvador – Orange County Register

ICE Deleted Surveillance Video Of A Transgender Asylum-Seeker Who Died In Its Custody

Attorneys representing Roxsana Hernández’s family said ICE was required to preserve the surveillance footage for pending litigation.

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Many thanks. Moving the above cache of articles down here for now.

If you follow the horrors the Trump regime is committing against immigrants, both at the border and elsewhere, I cannot stress strongly enough how much you should follow @merylnyc.

This thread is just an example of the work she does to document this:

Trump administration testing rapid asylum review, deportation process in Texas

Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies Violate Civil Rights, Government Agency Says

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said that the Trump administration’s immigration policies violate the rights of migrants.

Coming Out in Uganda Was a Death Sentence. The U.S. Border Was a Trap

Under Trump’s crackdown on asylum, the U.S. government is preparing to send a woman back to a place where she was beaten and raped for the “crime” of being a lesbian

Trump Policy Puts Migrants in Danger in Mexico, Advocates Say

The Migrant Protection Protocols applies to non-Mexicans, which means the vast majority who are affected are foreigners in a land that’s already dangerous enough for natives

Documents Show U.S. Military Allowed To Shoot At Moving Vehicles At U.S.-Mexico Ports Of Entry

Previously secret documents detail alleged abuse of children in Border Patrol custody

More Than 700 Women Have Disappeared From A Texas ICE Detention Center And Their Lawyers Don’t Know Where They Are

A ‘reasonable distance?’ Why U.S. Border Patrol can operate deep into Vermont

Trump’s Asylum Ban Could Apply Retroactively to Thousands of Migrants Even Though Officials Promised It Wouldn’t

The Trump administration promised that asylum-seekers who already had U.S. cases, but had been forced to return to Mexico to await court dates, could still get asylum. That might not be the case.

More refugee flights to the US are being canceled

ACLU says 1,500 more migrant children were taken from parents by the Trump administration

Let Immigration Judges Speak

Trump is keeping immigration judges, asylum officers, and ICE attorneys from speaking out about what they’re seeing.

Lawyers say video of a transgender immigrant who died in ICE custody may have been deleted

Criminal misconduct by US border officers has reached a 5-year high

US close to implementing asylum agreement with Guatemala

Human rights expert discovers secretive ICE detention centers

Anderson Cooper speaks with human rights expert Angelina Godoy who uncovered ICE had been taking a small number of immigrant teens it deemed to be dangerous far from their families and detaining them for months.

Remain in Mexico policy leaves more than 1,500 asylum seekers stranded in border camp

The number of children split from their parents at U.S.-Mexico border tops 5,400


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I am going to rant a bit.

Remember that line in Spaceballs where they joke about making Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money?

This defines the Trump regime, indeed the modern GOP, only it’s The Search for More Loopholes.

The great rallying cry of the GOP now is “THE LAW!”

But what that really means is finding the exact letter of the law that backs their views and schemes while ignoring the spirit of the law and any of those pesky contradictory bits.

In this manner we lost Merrick Garland, firearms restrictions, and voting rights protections and gained Neil Gorsuch, legal gerrymandering, and Citizens United.

The Search for More Loopholes means if you can do it, you will, regardless of whether or not you SHOULD. Thus we’re funding the Yemeni Genocide, robbing the military and disaster relief programs to pay for a useless wall, & snowed under a blizzard of lawsuits and subpoenas the Trump regime endlessly defies or appeals, merely because they can.

It’s death by a thousand cuts. Rule through nitpicking. And if they can’t find an obscure or outdated ruling to back them up, they just ignore things, since they own the branch of government that is supposed to rein them in.

So what horrible thing are they sneaking through now through some obscure backroom tactic?

The White House wants to appoint hardline asshole Ken Cuccinelli to head the Department of Homeland Security, because he will push all of their horrible, racist, evil schemes a thousand percent. BUT, by the rules of engagement, he can’t, because federal law states that both Cuccinelli, as well as Mark Morgan, his equally monstrous rival for the position, are ineligible – acting officials (Cuccinelli is acting head of the relatively obscure U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Morgan is acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection) must be either the “first assistant” to the position, a Senate-confirmed official detailed to the role or a senior employee at the agency for 90 days during a 365-day period before the vacancy occurred.

But an obscure loophole created because the Trump regime has so egregiously plundered and understaffed departments means the White House could tap someone to be the assistant secretary of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, which is vacant, and then elevate that person to be the acting secretary of homeland security. The chief of that office is known as an “inferior officer,” and under an exception in the laws governing appointments, such officials can be appointed to acting positions with the sole approval of the president.

And so Trump gets his hatchet man.

And more people will suffer.

And that is why I am fucking furious tonight.

Here is the article:

WASHINGTON — The White House has found a way to bypass a federal statute that dictates who can fill secretary positions, potentially allowing President Trump to choose whomever he wants to lead the Department of Homeland Security, according to an administration official. The route may run through an office established to counter weapons of mass destruction.

The Trump administration has encountered legal and personnel challenges in its search for a candidate who is aligned enough with Mr. Trump to carry out his hard-line immigration agenda and satisfy the legal credentials to be the acting secretary of a department riddled with vacancies.

After Kevin K. McAleenan, the acting secretary who had a tumultuous relationship with the White House, announced this month that he would resign, it was widely believed in the administration that Mr. Trump would tap someone who would not question his more extreme policies. Mr. McAleenan has said he will step down on Thursday.

But officials leading agencies in homeland security who echo Mr. Trump’s fiery language on immigration were initially deemed ineligible under the federal Vacancies Act. The law states that acting officials who take over cabinet-level positions must be next in the line of succession, have the approval of the Senate or have served 90 days under the previous secretary.

The White House, however, is exploring a loophole in the law, according to an administration official. Under this route, the White House would tap someone to be the assistant secretary of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, which is vacant, and then elevate that person to be the acting secretary of homeland security.

The chief of that office is known as an “inferior officer,” and under an exception in the laws governing appointments, such officials can be appointed to acting positions with the sole approval of the president, the official said.

The White House and the Department of Homeland Security did not respond to requests for comment.

This year the Trump administration has purged, installed and transferred leaders in the department, sowing chaos among its ranks and creating a legal maze on personnel matters. The latest dubious workaround would mean that Mr. Trump has found a way to use the many holes in the department to fill a void.

It would also allow the White House to choose a hard liner previously believed to be ineligible for the position.

Mark Morgan and Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II, who both joined the department in recent months in an acting capacity, were thought to be out of the running for the job after the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel advised that their appointment would violate the Vacancies Act. Neither Mr. Morgan, the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, nor Mr. Cuccinelli, the acting director of the agency overseeing legal immigration, was confirmed by the Senate or served for at least 90 days under the last Senate-confirmed homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen.

Mr. Cuccinelli, who would face a difficult road to nomination, was widely thought to be a top contender for the position after the acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, said that Mr. Cuccinelli “would be good at the job.”

But Mr. Cuccinelli has a tumultuous relationship with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader. Mr. McConnell previously voiced his disappointment to the White House over Mr. Cuccinelli’s appointment to the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Cuccinelli endorsed an effort by hard-line conservatives to force Mr. McConnell to step down and backed Mr. McConnell’s primary challenger in 2014.

Mr. Cuccinelli told reporters this month that Mr. McConnell’s comments were “political.”

The appointment of Mr. Cuccinelli, who said this summer that the Statue of Liberty “referred to people coming from Europe,” would be a significant turnaround for a conservative who just a couple years ago led a fierce opposition to Mr. Trump’s presidential candidacy, including by criticizing his immigration policies.

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This feels like a disaster in the making.

Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intelligence Information. Experts Call That Dangerous.

The Trump administration is creating a center that will give immigration agents access to information from U.S. intelligence agencies. Migrants and others denied entry will be unable to see the evidence against them because it is classified.

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White House Halloween party had station for children to help ‘build the wall’

Wait, I thought “walls worked”?

Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall

Mexican Immigrant Dies in Border Control Custody