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Immigration: issues and policy

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ICE Offering ‘Citizens Academy’ Course with Training on Arresting Immigrants

Imagine hundreds of entitled, angry, racist George Zimmermans unleashed and empowered by Stephen Miller and Donald Trump’s new gestapo.


This is bad, very very bad. Like another step towards genocide bad. At this point the Administration doesn’t want to kill immigrants but sure don’t seem to care if they live either.

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Indeed. It’s like Trump watched Police Academy: Citizens on Patrol and thought, “how can I apply this in real life, but with more racism and death and fearmongering and less comedy and zany antics and Steve Guttenberg?”


~10,000 children were stolen from their families by our government, some have died in custody and yet the media has to constantly debunk conspiracy theories about online cabinets for sale and pizza parlors. People can’t even see what’s happening before their very eyes.

This is how genocide happens.


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Despite the SCOTUS ruling, the Trump regime was refusing new DACA applications. A judge has ruled that it must accept them.

Judge orders Trump administration to accept new DACA applications

Federal Court Orders Trump Administration to Accept New DACA Applications

Decision ends weeks of uncertainty for undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. as children after Supreme Court ruling in June

Trump administration must accept new DACA applications, judge orders


Looks like there was pushback against Homeland Security when they tried to eliminate a Trusted Traveller program (fast tracks people through security) and relates to NYS not allowing access to Driver’s license information to HHS. Cuomo called it 'extortion," and seems like it was another ruse to get at immigrant information.

NY won this fast tracking Travellers program back in the courts today.

The court filing offered an explanation for the Department of Homeland Security’s unexpected announcement on Thursday that it was allowing New Yorkers back into what is officially known as the Trusted Traveler Program.

The announcement came nearly six months after the department barred state residents from Global Entry and other programs because of the state’s passage of the so-called Green Light law.

Unlike its counterparts in other states, the New York law restricted immigration authorities from gaining access to state Department of Motor Vehicles records without a court order.

When the government moved to block state residents from the travel programs because of the driver’s license law, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo condemned the action as “a form of extortion.”

The dispute escalated over the course of a week, until Mr. Cuomo met with President Trump at the White House in February in hopes of working out a compromise.

The agreement that was reached, which was enshrined in a state budget bill in April, gives the federal authorities access to the motor vehicle records of those applying for trusted-traveler status.

Mr. Cuomo and federal officials said on Thursday that it was the compromise that had paved the way for the announcement that New Yorkers were being allowed to enroll in the travel programs again.

“I am glad that this issue has finally been resolved for all New Yorkers,” the governor said in a statement.

In his own statement, Chad F. Wolf, the acting Homeland Security secretary, said that “we appreciate the information sharing” that enabled the department “to move forward and begin once again processing New York residents” in Trusted Traveler Programs.

Neither man mentioned the court filing and the admissions it contained.

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ICE really allowed themselves to be filmed thinking they’d come off as the GOOD guys? What morons!

Video in tweet:

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Trump admin makes Supreme Court defiance official, says it won’t accept first-time DACA applicants

(David Bythewood) #411

Judge blocks administration from implementing ‘public charge’ rule for immigrants during pandemic