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Immigration: issues and policy

And now they are back claiming it was a “glitch” and not a soul believes them because twitter doesn’t work that way.


US Officials Involved in Policy of Family Separation Must Be Investigated

Are more Trump-era family separations coming to California’s immigrant communities?

More than 54,000 U.S.-born children in California have Salvadoran and Honduran parents who are in the country under, Temporary Protected Status, a program in limbo as the Trump administration seeks to end it.

Families facing uncertainty worry what will happen to their children if parents are deported, according to attorneys who spoke with The Bee.

“A logical consequence for these kids is that they will be separated from their parents because the loss of status opens you up for the possibility of deportation,” Almas Sayeed, deputy director of programs for the California Immigrant Policy Center, said during a recent interview. “Overwhelmingly, that is actually going to be what happens to these children.”

White House killed deal to pay for mental health care for migrant families separated at border

Sources said the White House counsel’s office said no after checking with Trump adviser Stephen Miller. A White House official denied Miller had a role.


This is a great article, which does highlight how many variables there are in how to deal with immigration. I would say a combination of all these ideas and rationales.

Yes, economic woes.
Yes, shifting demographics affecting voting for Dems
Yes, identity of the new Rep party, ie Trumpers who are anti-other (than white)
And so on…

Total restriction on who can come in, with these horrid conditions to act as a BARRIER (unjust, and inhuman) is the T and Sessions way.

Shifting conservative perspectives in what was listed here for WSJ and National Review…so no one conservative viewpoint can be determinative.

Immigration is a key issue facing this country and the T admin is shoving it down everyone’s throats.

…family values be damned.


Because T, Sessions, Stephen Miller, and others (Bannon) operate out of a racist mindset, they pursue these hard line policies that play on very bigotted preferences. Outside of the two coasts, with the most liberal mindset, it is difficult to assume that a white, middle class person wants to have immigrants in their community. Trump defines the immigration problem as inviting dangerous criminals in, and his dog whistling does resonate with his base.

Logic does not serve very well here unfortunately. It is a natavistic approach. Other = bad, criminals, rapists…etc.

Sessions is a southern bigot, always was, always will be.

The irony that T has disdain for immigrants, and yet uses their labor at Mar-A-Lago getting a lot of personnel with the H-2B visas, because he knows he can pay them less and they will work for that to get into the US.