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Immigration: issues and policy


Must read Q&A with the lawyers interviewing children in these camps from the New Yorker.

This passage struck me the most,

We met almost no children who came across unaccompanied. The United States is taking children away from their family unit and reclassifying them as unaccompanied children. But they were not unaccompanied children. And some of them were separated from their parents.

Family separation never ended and there was never a good reason for the policy to begin with,

Almost all of these children have family members, including parents, in the United States, who are able to and want to take care of their children. All we need to do is to get these children to their families, and we know that almost all of them will be well cared for, and it will cost the U.S. taxpayer no money to care for these children, because they will be cared for by their parents.

Now, when I say that—of course there are certain inherent costs in running a society that will be incurred, but as far as direct care, at the facilities that we have the numbers for, such as the large facilities like Homestead, it costs seven hundred and seventy-five dollars a day to care for these kids. There is no reason for the American taxpayer to have to pay seven hundred and seventy-five dollars a day to care for children who have families who love them, and are here in the United States, and want to take care of them. There are multiple kids that we could put on a plane this week to be with their parents in the United States. Many of them have never spoken with their parents since they got there.

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‘There Is a Stench’: No Soap and Overcrowding in Detention Centers for Migrant Children

Know Your Rights Community Toolkit



With the Trump administration planning to move 1,400 migrant children to this fortified Army post later this summer, a small group of Japanese American World War II internment camp survivors came to the gates Saturday to make their opposition known.

“We are here today to protest the repetition of history,” proclaimed camp survivor Satsuki Ina, 75, of San Francisco, one of about two dozen former internees and their descendants in attendance.

Met by uniformed military police, the protesters, some in their 80s, were told they did not have permission to congregate and might face arrest. “You need to move right now!” one of the officers shouted. “What don’t you understand? It’s English: Get out.”

But the survivors, carrying thousands of origami cranes as a symbol of solidarity, refused to leave until police from adjacent Lawton, Okla., arrived and let them speak. They then moved to a park where a crowd of about 200 was waiting.

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Here’s a list of organizations that are mobilizing to help the influx of immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border

Government agencies are grappling to respond to the number of immigrants coming into the country. Many tax-funded shelters housing immigrants are overcrowded and there are reports some have substandard living conditions. We’ve compiled a list of organizations that are mobilizing to help.

The New York Immigration Coalition hosts this site featuring useful information for all immigrants, advocates, & allies.

Check out their Know Your Rights Community Toolkits! provides a list of organizations you can contact to provide aid to migrants.

You can help them reunite families.

Donate. Volunteer.

Hate Has No Home Here provides signs and other items to show support for all people.

Hate Has No Home Here

Creating Communities of Hope One Sign At A Time

Ways to Help Refugees: Charities and Other Resources

This thread has handy, easily-printable graphics in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, & Punjabi detailing the rights of anybody ICE raids or harasses.

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Doctor compares conditions for unaccompanied children at immigrant holding centers to ‘torture facilities’


Here is the NYT’s Editorial Board sending out an SOS about helping the issues with the detention camps…An Action To-Do List…

Speak up. Protest marches and other civic actions to end detention camps and squalid conditions for children and families, are expected across the country in the coming weeks. Or you can also take part in Lights for Liberty, a nationwide vigil on July 12 at 9 p.m. local time. Locations for the vigil include:

  • El Paso: where migrants are being housed “partially outdoors” near a bridge with no running water for months at a time;
  • Homestead, Fla.: where a migrant children’s detention facility has been charged with rampant abuse and neglect;
  • San Diego: near the point of entry border crossing from Tijuana, Mexico;
  • New York City: where deportation rates have increased by 150 percent between 2016 and 2018;
  • Washington, D.C. (in front of the Capitol building): to demand action from Congress.

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Trump says ‘we’re doing a fantastic job’ at migrant detention centers, where scathing reports have emerged that children lack basic amenities

All 4 living former first ladies have now condemned family separation

“Horrific.” “Cruel.” “Disgraceful.”

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The migrant children in tent cities could have a suite at Trump’s Washington hotel for rates lower than what the US government spends detaining them

Old but relevant articles in light of the news that ICE is moving large numbers of children:

The Wrap is a straight-jacket like full-body restraint that has been involved in multiple deaths.

Per the manufacturer: The device can be “downsized to fit very small children.”

Let that sink in.

The Wrap is just one of a number of types of restrains ICE has quietly but swiftly procured under Trump. It’s like they have their very own torture shopping list.

ICE Authorized New List of Restraining Devices Under Trump


That is insane for just a misdemeanor civil infraction! WTAF!! Who are we anymore?!

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I. Am. Going. To. Scream.

100 Immigrant children RETURNED to West Texas facility despite reports of squalid conditions

The Border Patrol facility in Clint has been under intense scrutiny after reports surfaced last week alleging children were held without adequate water, food and proper sanitation.

Border Patrol turned down donations of soap, diapers, and toys

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@windthin I was just looking at that appalling quote from our new expected head Mark Morgan, formerly ICE head and now CBP… All of these orders, border management and threat assessments come from the White House and part of the Executive Branch - think T, Stephen Miller and the like…

I found some links (tweets) that illustrate how DHS - Dept of Homeland Security is structured and where ICE falls in there. When T does not like someone’s actions in the case of Kirstjen Nielsen formerly of DHS, they are canned. Seems like Kirstjen could not tow the party line and refused to comply with the wishes of the WH.

DHS- Department of Homeland Security DHS website
CBP - Customs and Border Security CBP website
ICE - Immigrant and Customs Enforcement ICE Gov link
and their leadership chart ICE Org chart
USCIS - US Citizen and Immigration Services USCIS website

Here’s the quote in context -

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All of this is terrible.

Are these your ‘animals’, Mr Trump? Photo of drowned father and daughter at US border illustrates ultimate human cost of president’s attitude towards families desperately seeking a better life

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Pay close attention to the wording here. This is the CBP giving one of several excuses why they won’t accept donations:

“We’re using operational funding to provide those things. But those things are available now and they have been continuously,” he said. “So we are looking at the possibility of using some of those donations going forward. But those items, it’s important to note, are available now.”

Meaning they HAVE the amenities… they’re just not giving them out to the kids!

American Bar Association condemns conditions at migrant child detention centers as a violation of law, ‘common decency’



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Bank of America will no longer do business with companies that run detention centers

Asylum officers worry they’re being forced to send some Central Americans to wait in Mexico — even when they’re in danger of persecution there.

The story above I posted before; it directly relates to the one below, which is its natural progression.

U. S. asylum officers say Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is threatening migrants’ lives, ask federal court to end it

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The full thread below is breaking news and worth a read.

Breaking: Flores Counsel has filed a TRO against the government, claiming the border patrol conditions where children are held violate the Flores Settlement Agreement. We have also requested the government be sanctioned due to their continued violations of the Settlement.

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Judge blocks Trump from using billions in military funds for border wall

Federal Court Permanently Blocks Billions of Dollars in Border Wall Construction

Court blocks federal funds for border wall in parts of California and New Mexico

Judge blocks Trump from using billions in military funds for border wall


ProPublica is releasing some ‘secret FB’ anti-immigrant/pro-CBP pages…and agents and a 9500 member group.

Alarming to say the least…sheer belligerence and malicious. Warning - graphic content

Members of a secret Facebook group for current and former Border Patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants, discussed throwing burritos at Latino members of Congress visiting a detention facility in Texas on Monday and posted a vulgar illustration depicting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez engaged in oral sex with a detained migrant, according to screenshots of their postings.


Wow :open_mouth: