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Is anyone keeping track of all the criminal investigations?

I would love a site that lists all of Trump’s illegal activity and whether or not investigations are going forward. It would be nice if it had that for all politicians who are suspected of crimes, like Gaetz, etc. I feel like everything is at a standstill and some investigations have just been abandoned. It would also be good to know who is responsible for bringing charges for each specific crime. Does anyone know if there’s a central place for this info? Thanks.



There is a lot to keep up on, and while T is now out of office, and others are potentially getting
indicted, or soon-to-be indicted, it is noteworthy.

@matt runs the forum…and we as participants all contribute to this or any section, so if you want to compile what you see, start a heading perhaps -

We’ve been putting the a lot of the Trump info updates and Gaetz issues under “More Questionable Behavior from Trump …”

It feels like we are looking at Trump in the rear view mirror though thankfully. I hope the Feds/NY DA/Manhattan District DA will all do the right thing and get some indictments going.

As far as Gaetz goes, looks like it just a matter of time before he gets some kind of indictment. He is a bit player in all of it, but he’s pernicious and used the far-right media to try and capitalize on MAGA/Trump allegiances.

There are places like (Neal Katyal - broadcasts 1x a week on various cases)
and a bunch of others who cover it…people with podcasts, like Preet Bhahara (former SDNY atty)

Tell us what you find!


Hey @super_common_name, like @dragonfly9 said, most of this ends up in the More Questionable Behavior from Trump, T Admin, DOJ, and R's vs Dems, Press, Justice thread as it comes up.


I keep massive threads tracking this stuff on twitter, and that thread @matt mentioned covers most of that, yeah. I think as certain investigations get closer to fruition, we’ll see more.

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