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Alabama judge allows man to sue clinic on behalf of aborted fetus

An Alabama judge has recognized the legal rights of an aborted fetus, allowing a man whose girlfriend ended her pregnancy at six weeks to sue the manufacturer of the pill she used and the clinic that gave it to her.

The decree, issued by Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger, explicitly states “Baby Roe” is a person and allows plaintiff Ryan Magers to name the fetus as a co-plaintiff in the suit for “wrongful death.” Magers said in court filings that when his then-girlfriend discovered she was pregnant in early 2017, he “repeatedly pleaded” with her to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth, but she wanted to have an abortion.

Abortion rights groups expressed alarm, saying the Alabama judge’s decision last month sets a dangerous precedent at a time when the idea of “fetal rights” — which recognize embryos and fetuses as separate from the women who carry them — is gaining currency in state legislatures, courts and law enforcement agencies. In one New Jersey case, a mother lost custody of her child when she had a vaginal birth instead of the C-section her doctors insisted was necessary. In others, pregnant women who drank or took drugs — both illegal and prescribed — and then had miscarriages were accused of child abuse. And dozens of states have passed fetal homicide laws that treat the unborn as a separate entity from the woman carrying them.

This is crazy. First of all, the first two weeks of pregnancy, a woman isn’t even pregnant.

The development of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the woman’s last normal menstrual period (LMP), even though the development of the fetus does not begin until conception, which is about two weeks later.

Six weeks is the bare minimum she could have even discovered she was pregnant. Let alone opt for a medicated abortion, which btw is nearly identical to a
miscarriage. She should sue him for not wearing a condom and the emotional trauma she had to go through.

These stories make me livid.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I agree. We wouldn’'t need abortions if there was no sperm. So abortion is really a Male problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s one I always felt shows how Trump seems to be setting Russia up to look good:

The US threatened to withdraw military aid & hit Ecuador & other nations with punitive trade measures if they didn’t drop support for an uncontroversial breastfeeding resolution. The U.S. backed off when RUSSIA introduced the resolution.


Al Jazeera tv interview with Erik Prince, brother of Betsy DeVos and someone who has a for-hire soldiers who step out of bounds. Here Erik gives a good denial of any wrongdoing vis-a_vis some of his soldiers doing some targetted killings.

Erik is being questioned by Mueller on his meeting in the Seychelles.

Erik Prince


So Donnie, his sons, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, & more were found posing for photos with Cindy Yang, founder of the sex spa Robert Kraft was busted at. Donnie personally invited her to the White House to be on a committee. Wow.

And this is coming out on International Women’s Day.



Here’s an excellent article from the Miami Herald detailing Yang’s longterm ownership of shady day spas in Florida.

BTW, the Miami Herald’s Julie Brown recently won the prestigious George Polk Award for her reporting on the Epstein/Acosta scandal. The paper is applying the same high standards and attention to detail with this new report on Yang. I’m glad these dedicated reporters are on the case because I have feeling we are just hearing the beginning of this story.

The woman who snapped the blurry Super Bowl selfie with the president was Li Yang [aka Cindy Yang], 45, a self-made entrepreneur from China who started a chain of Asian day spas in South Florida. Over the years, these establishments — many of which operate under the name Tokyo Day Spas — have gained a reputation for offering sexual services.

Nineteen days after Trump and Yang posed together while rooting for the Patriots, authorities would charge Kraft with soliciting prostitution at a spa in Jupiter that Yang had founded more than a decade earlier.

Yang’s family still owns several South Florida spas. The family’s Tokyo Day Spa branches have attracted the attention of at least two local police agencies over allegations of prostitution, and are discussed online as places where men can pay for sexual extras.

Before the 2016 general election, Yang offered no evidence of political engagement. She hadn’t voted in 10 years, records showed. But she has now become a fixture at Republican political events up and down the East Coast. Her Facebook is covered in photos of herself standing with President Trump, his two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Rick Scott, Sarah Palin, the president’s campaign manager and an assortment of other high-level Republican operators she has met at charity events, political fundraisers and galas, many of which require hefty donations to attend. …

In February 2018, Yang was invited by the White House to participate in an event hosted by the Asian American and Pacific Islander Initiative, an advisory commission Trump established by executive order the year before. …

In 2007, Yang started what would become a large chain of Tokyo Day Spas.

The first to open was her flagship, which is still in business and run by her husband, Zubin Gong, in Palm Beach Gardens.

The next was a Tokyo Day Spa in Jupiter that would later become Orchids of Asia after Yang sold it to another businesswoman, Hua Zhang, around 2013. Zhang, who was charged in February with racketeering and running a house of prostitution and has pleaded not guilty, declined to comment when contacted at her Martin County home.

Online reviews from prior to 2013 suggest sex was for sale at the Tokyo Day Spa Jupiter location even before it became Orchids of Asia. Although the name and ownership of the location have changed, the decor has not. A photo from a Tokyo Day Spa Yelp review shows the same couch, the same wall hanging and the same faux plant as now.

“Used to be known as Tokyo Day Spa and Massage — most of the same girls still work there,” a Yelp reviewer wrote of Orchids of Asia in 2013.

Over the past decade, Yang and her family members have opened at least six locations across Palm Beach and Broward counties, including a massage school established in 2011 and several nail salons. …

Organized networks of massage parlors offering sex are common, according to Bradley Myles, CEO of Polaris Project, a nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking in the sex work industry. …

Six spas within the Tokyo Day Spas chain show up on online forums … which are crowd-sourced review sites where users point each other to spas where sex is offered.

Her Super Bowl selfie with Trump was captioned: “We love our president.”

It’s not clear exactly what level of scrutiny she was subjected to in order to get that close to Trump.

Anyone “expected to be within close proximity to the president for a planned purpose” at Mar-a-Lago must go through an “enhanced background check” by the Secret Service and other federal agencies, according to a January report by the Government Accountability Office.


Ahhh yes, all good buddies, this group. Reminds me of the parting words from DAG Rod Rosenstein ‘Judge a man by the company he keeps.’ I keep coming up with a bunch of zeros.

Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night showed a clip from a speech (his last official one maybe)

Thx for all the links to Cindy Yang, a latter day ‘comfort woman.,’ and all the company they keep. :exploding_head:


Good for the people of Maine! Imagery of survivors of Genocide should never have been used as mascots.

Once, there were more than 30 Maine schoolswith Indian mascots and nicknames. Now, there are none after a vote Thursday night by the Skowhegan area school board to drop their high school’s Indians nickname.


These concerns were straightforward: Indian team names and mascots are not respectful. Instead, they are offensive and hurtful to many members of Maine’s Native American tribes. Put another way, when a group of people, or your neighbor or a relative, tells you that something you are doing is offensive or hurtful, you should stop doing it. Trying to convince them you mean no harm is beside the point. So is citing a long history of using the mascot and nickname.


These brick-and-mortar stores…done. Wow.


In Leaked Chats, Nebraska GOP Gov’s Field Director Pushed White Nationalism.

“In other posts, Bressman says the only downside of running down a Black Lives Matter supporter is that he has ‘a nice car and it’s white.’”

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Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro should never have been allowed to spew their disgusting bigoted views on any national platform. This story is not surprising, these Fox News characters say this shit on purpose to garner attention from the media, so they can play their first amendment victim cards to their fans. :roll_eyes:


Some twitter chatter, that Trump gave Breitbart a 40 minute interview today. So we have that to look forward to this week as well. :roll_eyes:


30 years today - The WWW was born. Significant to our lives in so many ways…for good or for ill. It is amazing to realize that this phenomenal pathway was created to help scientists/institutions/universities inform and educate one another. Today, it has created another level of culture, online which 30 years ago would have made no sense.

Not T news…fortunately. Important because it was built by inquiring minds, to advance our knowledge base.


Ummmm…because why? The bottom line maybe.



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Oh, the irony

Facebook’s effort to establish a service that provides its users with local news and information is being hindered by the lack of outlets where the company’s technicians can find original reporting.

The service, launched last year, is currently available in some 400 cities in the United States. But the social media giant said it has found that 40 percent of Americans live in places where there weren’t enough local news stories to support it.


Some 1,800 newspapers have closed in the United States over the last 15 years, according to the University of North Carolina. Newsroom employment has declined by 45 percent as the industry struggles with a broken business model partly caused by the success of companies on the Internet, including Facebook.


Cindy McCain strikes back…(not for the faint of heart):cry:

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War of words – Conway v. T



Barack Obama steps in as healer-in-chief, shows concern and puts out a message on how to help with the floods.



New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons used in the Christchurch attacks, says PM Jacinda Ardern.

The country’s gun laws have been in the spotlight since a gunman killed 50 people at two mosques last Friday.

Ms Ardern said she expected the new legislation to be in place by 11 April.

She said a buy-back scheme would be set up for banned weapons.