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A Trump campaign consultant is reportedly making fake websites for Democratic candidates — and it’s working

Putin says Russia, US looking into new nuclear talks

“I’m Not Willing to Do That”: Trump Says He Won’t Take Climate Action Because It Would Threaten Corporate Profits

The U.S. president reportedly worked to weaken G20 commitment to fighting climate crisis during summit in Osaka, Japan

Florida gave felons like me the vote again. Then the state took it away.


Hillary taking a swipe at T


Daniel Dale (formerly of the Toronto Star) is now doing fact-checking for CNN.
Here’s another whopper from T…no you din’t give the military the best raise, while claiming Obama gave them none.

Washington (CNN)During a speech to US troops at the Osan Air Base in South Korea on Sunday, President Donald Trump said that he had given them their first pay increase in almost a decade.

“And, you know, one thing I didn’t mention: You also got very nice pay raises for the last couple of years. Congratulations. Oh, you care about that. They care about that. I didn’t think you noticed. Yeah, you were entitled. You know, it was close to 10 years before you had an increase. Ten years,” he said.

His claim isn’t true.

Facts First : Members of the military have received pay raises every year since 1983 – and if you ignore an administrative quirk in 1983, they have received raises every year since 1961.

Trump could accurately say that the 2018 pay increase he signed into law, 2.4%, was the largest in close to 10 years: It was the biggest raise for the troops since the 3.4% increase that President Barack Obama signed into law for 2010. The 2019 raise, 2.6%, was also the largest since 2010.

But these raises were certainly not the first in close to 10 years.

Military pay rose every year under Obama. For 2017, Obama approved a 2.1% increase. He also authorized a 1.3% increase for 2016, a 1.0% increase for 2015, a 1.0% increase for 2014, a 1.7% increase for 2013, a 1.6% increase for 2012, a 1.4% increase for 2011 and the 3.4% increase for 2010.

While it is possible to argue that Trump simply misspoke here, he has made versions of this false statement more than once before.

In October, for example, he told Fox Business, “President Obama starved the military. He didn’t give them raises, he didn’t give them anything. I gave them a 10% pay increase, they haven’t had it in a decade.” In December, he told troops in Iraq, “You haven’t gotten one in more than 10 years – more than 10 years. And we got you a big one. I got you a big one.”

(David Bythewood) #346

‘Climate apartheid’ to push 120 million into poverty by 2030, UN says

Fox host Tucker Carlson defends North Korean regime: ‘Leading a country means killing people’



Ivanka Comes Out Against Busing: “I Have Never Taken a Bus In My Life—They’re Gross”

](Ivanka Comes Out Against Busing: “I Have Never Taken a Bus In My Life—They’re Gross” | The New Yorker)

Trump said she was reluctant to wade into the controversy, but asserted, “The idea of getting on a bus, where there are a lot of other people, is against everything I stand for.”

By Andy Borowitz

July 1, 2019

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Ivanka Trump came out strongly against busing on Monday, telling reporters, “I have never taken a bus in my life—they’re gross.”

Trump said she was reluctant to wade into the busing controversy, but asserted, “The idea of getting on a bus, where there are a lot of other people and you have no idea who they are or what they might be eating, is against everything I stand for.”

She said that she had no idea why people would take a bus when they could “just take an Uber,” but was quick to clarify, “I have never taken an Uber, either.”

“Ubers don’t seem as gross as buses, but they still seem pretty gross,” she said.

As she spoke about various modes of transportation, Trump grew visibly emotional. “In the eighties, a little girl in Manhattan took a limo to elementary school every morning,” she said. “That little girl was me.”

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Georgia is violating the Constitutional rights of Puerto Ricans attempting to get driver’s licenses by forcing them to answer ludicrous trick questions.

Where’s Yosemite Sam when I need an endless stream of cursing?

"Living in rural GA without a driver’s license is HARD. Our plaintiff cannot find construction work w/o a license, & taking his infant daughter to doctor’s appointments, doing grocery shopping, having a social life, and much more is nearly impossible.

And lest we forget: driving without a valid license is a criminal offense in Georgia. He would face an initial $500 fine, and up to a year of imprisonment were he to drive without one."

The “interview” questions that DDS is supposed to ask of Puerto Ricans (which bear a disturbing resemblance to the tests applied by segregationists to block voter registration of people of color) includes these questions:

“What company is the largest employer in Mayaguez?”

“Where is the Caguas Beach?” (trick question: it’s an inland city)

“The principle baseball stadium in San Juan is named after…?”

DDS has made a habit of seizing Puerto Rican applicants’ identity documents, & often fails to make a decision on their application. Sometimes — as was the case with our named plaintiff — the citizens are detained & arrested.


Tweet from Robert Reich

Who really benefitted from Trump’s tax cuts?

Pfizer -->
Donations to GOP: $16M
Tax Cut Received: $39B

Donations to GOP: $20M
Tax Cut Received: $16B

Donations to GOP: $13M
Tax Cut Received: $9B

It’s socialism for the rich in exchange for campaign $$$

(David Bythewood) #350

2020 Census will not include citizenship question, DOJ confirms


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(David Bythewood) #353

If you had any doubts that Trump is turning his militaristic dictator-style 4th of July parade into a campaign event, this should expunge them:

RNC Receives VIP Tickets to Trump’s Fourth of July Celebration; DNC Does Not

Military Parades Are Obsolete

The United States has had them before, but we should aspire to never have them again.

(David Bythewood) #354

The Trump administration is still finding ways to undercount minority communities in 2020 Census

A quarter of a million people are being asked the citizenship question on test Census survey.

Trump says he is ‘absolutely moving forward’ with census citizenship question, contradicting his own administration

President Trump sows confusion over census plans and addition of a citizenship question


No coverage from NBC, ABC and CBS…good.


Delayed and raining…the gods have spoken.

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Flint water crisis: More than 8,000 residents at risk of losing homes after refusing to pay for poisoned water

‘We don’t want to pay for this poison, it made us sick’


Ponder that…women still light years away from earning power of men.:thinking:


@dragonfly9 :100:

When was the last time the US Men’s team brought home the World Cup? Oh that’s right, fucking never. :smirk: Here’s the data on the pay discrepancy. :point_down:

(David Bythewood) #360

Trump Invites Artist Who Drew ‘Blatantly anti-Semitic’ Cartoon to the White House

George Garrison, who portrayed U.S. security officials being manipulated by George Soros and the Rothschilds, was invited by President Donald Trump to Thursday’s social media summit


(David Bythewood) #361

5th Circuit decision on ACA could create political havoc for GOP

(Renee) #362

Too bad we can’t sue our Sec of Education for a refund…