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:rofl: Yes, I believe they had emoluments à la mode for dessert.

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Do you suppose they’ll be red skirts, with demure hoods? Just asking.

DOJ says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wear skirts

Day 943
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Trump is so obsessive about his Wall that he is desecrating Eli Jackson Cemetery, a sacred Native American burial ground with graves of WWI, WWII, & Korean War veterans, in Texas.

Some good news for a change:

Judge allows prospective transgender troops to move forward with lawsuit challenging Pentagon ban

Because Denmark won’t sell him Greenland, a sovereign nation they cannot sell, Donnie is attacking them, and NATO. Remember, Trump wants to destroy NATO or force it to pay the US, part of his plans to turn us into the world’s largest protection racket.

Just a reminder, the current Secretary of Defense was a former Raytheon Lobbyist.

Raytheon nets $47.9M contract for laser-guided Maverick missiles

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On a day when Donnie called himself the King of Israel, he also just, on camera, looked to the sky and labeled himself “The Chosen One” to take on China over trade. No, I am not kidding.


It’s so funny, I posted the whole video here :joy::joy:

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Trump’s automobile companies tweet explained:

Trump says his mileage rules make cars safer. His EPA was worried they will kill more people.

Car companies are working with California to enact stronger mileage standards as the White House is trying to weaken them.

Trump’s Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules Shows Signs of Disarray

As usual, his claims have no basis whatsoever in reality.

Trump slams auto execs as ‘foolish’ after they bucked his emissions rules rollback

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Permit Employment Discrimination Against Transgender Workers

(David Bythewood) #469

And here is Donnie invoking noted anti-Semite Henry Ford while claiming without evidence that car company efforts to make cars more green will somehow make them less less safe and effective.

Henry Ford directly contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party by spreading propaganda like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


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Do you guys know about ?
Bookmark this page, it’s a searchable twitter troll-bot database. Handy tool.

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Boris Johnson really is a record breaker. He lost a by-election faster than any other prime minister in modern history and now he has the worst voting record too. He has lost 4 by-elections despite parliament only being in session for 3 days.

Boris Johnson’s first proper week as Prime Minister in full:

:firecracker: Lost 4 out of 4 votes. A 100% loss record as Prime Minister.
:firecracker: Lost his majority as a Tory joined the Lib Dems and he sacked 21 Tory MPs
:firecracker: Lost his brother - Jo Johnson MP - who has just resigned

Boris Johnson’s own BROTHER just quit on him.

And BOY do I see the resemblance.

Is the President Engaging In Market Manipulation?

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U.S. companies blamed 10,488 layoffs from last month on “trade difficulties”



Shep Smith_ - of Fox tells it like it is…a mistake on T’s part that he will not cop to.

Watch :point_down:


Clear as day, the files of Thomas Hofeller do show the real motivation behind gerrymandering as being race…which we all knew, but here is the cache of files.

The Secret Files of the Master of Modern Republican Gerrymandering

Newly obtained records and e-mails show that Thomas Hofeller collected data about the voting patterns of Americans based on their race.

Hofeller did not follow his own advice. Before his death, in August, 2018, he saved at least seventy thousand files and several years of e-mails. A review of those records and e-mails—which were recently obtained first by The New Yorker —raises new questions about whether Hofeller unconstitutionally used race data to draw North Carolina’s congressional districts, in 2016. They also suggest that Hofeller was deeply involved in G.O.P. mapmaking nationwide, and include new trails for more potential lawsuits challenging Hofeller’s work, similar to the one on Wednesday which led to the overturning of his state legislative maps in North Carolina.

Hofeller’s files include dozens of intensely detailed studies of North Carolina college students, broken down by race and cross-referenced against the state driver’s-license files to determine whether these students likely possessed the proper I.D. to vote. The studies are dated 2014 and 2015, the years before Hofeller helped Republicans in the state redraw its congressional districts in ways that voting-rights groups said discriminated on the basis of race. North Carolina Republicans said that the maps discriminated based on partisanship but not race. Hofeller’s hard drive also retained a map of North Carolina’s 2017 state judicial gerrymander, with an overlay of the black voting-age population by district, suggesting that these maps—which are currently at the center of a protracted legal battle—might also be a racial gerrymander. :boom:

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Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday ordered all limits on nuclear research and development to be lifted, the country’s third step in scaling down its commitments to a 2015 deal with world powers.

Hurricane-hit bases among those losing funds to Trump wall

‘He’s losing his s—’: Trump’s advisers are increasingly worried about his mental state following days of erratic behavior

President Donald Trump’s aides and confidants are concerned about his mental state after days of erratic behavior and wild outbursts.

“His mood changes from one minute to the next based on some headline or tweet, and the next thing you know his entire schedule gets tossed out the window because he’s losing his s—,” one former White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal conversations about the president, told Insider.

Trump has spent the past several days fixated on his false claim that Alabama was going to be hit by Hurricane Dorian. He has also taken time to lob attacks at his perceived enemies, like the actress Debra Messing, former FBI Director James Comey, and the “LameStream media.”

“He’s deteriorating in plain sight,” one Republican strategist who is in frequent contact with the White House told Insider on Friday.

But one person who was close to Trump’s legal team during the Russia investigation told Insider his public statements were “nothing compared to what he’s like behind closed doors.”

“He’s like a bull seeing red,” this person added. “There’s just no getting through to him, and you can kiss your plans for the day goodbye because you’re basically stuck looking after a 4-year-old now.”


And maybe this is the most egregious (is there such a thing with so many instances of corrupt behavior) example of corruption that would lead to impeachment hearings.

People like my product, what can I tell you?” [Mr. Trump said this week]( “I can’t help it. But you know. And I guess they say, ‘We want to stay at a place that’s better than someplace else.’”

Current and former White House officials insist they have never witnessed Mr. Trump making any explicit demand, or suggestion, that his cabinet members or Republican allies stay at a Trump property or use one to host an event. But they have noted that a president who is extremely effective at communicating between the lines does not have to be explicit.

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Mnuchin Dismisses Data Showing Trade War Pain

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Story to watch: Netanyahu says Israel will annex parts of West Bank


Painful memories today for this nation…#NeverForget