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I think it is a happy sight to see this koala rescue…good people helping those in need.

It is mentionable because it “Here, right matters”…(See Vindman’s quote that he got an audience applause.)

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Solitary confinement is considered one of the cruelest punishments in prisons, so much so that many are advocating for its end. So why we are allowing it in schools?

The Quiet Rooms: Children are being locked away, alone and terrified, in schools across Illinois.


Even as the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday heard crucial testimony from pivotal witness Gordon Sondland, the Senate voted to confirm Trump’s latest appointee to the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a regional appeals court handling cases from Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

The action represented a new milestone in Trump’s dramatic reshaping of the federal judiciary, with Republican-appointed judges now in the majority in the 11th Circuit, whose majority before Trump took office in January 2017 had been Democratic appointees. Republican-appointed justices tend to be conservative, while Democratic-named judges tend to be liberal.




Netanyanu…the facts far outweighed your position.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will stand trial for bribery and fraud, an unprecedented development that could doom his career and shape the political crisis that’s gripped Israel this past year.

The 70-year-old Netanyahu will be charged in each of the three cases in which he was entangled, the Justice Ministry said in a statement, painting the picture of a leader who abused his position to take gifts from wealthy friends and sacrificed the integrity of his office to win favorable media coverage.


The proliferation of conspiratorial news is a problem…racist, white supremacy, nazism and the like get a ton of play…what to do, what to do.

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen blamed tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter and their leaders for giving a megaphone to hate groups and allowing lies to proliferate, in a blistering speech before the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday.

“Think about it. Facebook, YouTube and Google, Twitter and others — they reach billions of people. The algorithms these platforms depend on deliberately amplify the type of content that keeps users engaged — stories that appeal to our baser instincts and that trigger outrage and fear. It’s why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times. It’s why fake news outperforms real news, because studies show that lies spread faster than truth. And it’s no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history — the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.”

There is such a thing as objective truth. Facts do exist. And if these internet companies really want to make a difference, they should hire enough monitors to actually monitor, work closely with groups like the ADL, insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.”

Baron Cohen also coined the term, “The Silicon Six,” referring to the leaders of these companies, including Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and four executives from Alphabet: Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.


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So Shep Smith, formerly of Fox is making some news, as he made his first public remarks on what the news business is like these days, particularly Fox. He has some a lot to say…and his contribution to Committee to Protect Journalist both monetarily and intellectually is worth a look.

“Intimidation and vilification of the press is now a global phenomenon. We don’t have to look far for evidence of that,” Mr. Smith said at the group’s annual dinner in Midtown Manhattan, an appearance he signed up for before he left Fox News, his television home of 23 years.

The crowd at the black-tie fund-raiser — which draws leading reporters, editors and executives from across the media industry — rose to its feet and applauded after Mr. Smith revealed his donation.

"Our belief a decade ago that the online revolution would liberate us now seems a bit premature, doesn’t it?” Mr. Smith said in his customary Mississippi lilt. “Autocrats have learned how to use those same online tools to shore up their power. They flood the world of information with garbage and lies, masquerading as news. There’s a phrase for that.”

In his speech on Thursday, Mr. Smith refrained from addressing his time at Fox News or the network’s coverage of the Trump administration. Fox News was a main sponsor of the dinner, and several of the network’s journalists attended, including the White House correspondent John Roberts.

Speaking broadly, Mr. Smith called for unity in the news business to ward off government encroachment on free expression.

“We know that journalists are sometimes wary of being perceived as activists for some cause,” he said. “But press freedom is not the preserve of one political group or one political party. It’s a value embedded in our very foundational documents. Journalists need to join hands to defend it.

At Fox News, Mr. Smith’s criticism of Mr. Trump stood out, and he was even mocked on-air by a colleague, the commentator Tucker Carlson. Mr. Smith, 55, had joined Fox News as part of its founding staff in 1996. But he became increasingly disillusioned in recent months about the gap between the network’s prime-time commentary and the reporting produced by its newsroom.

His exit shocked colleagues, with some visibly agape on-air after Mr. Smith informed viewers that Fox News had agreed to let him out of his contract early. The decision most likely cost Mr. Smith millions of dollars in lost salary.

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Must watch…Sacha Baron Cohen gives a speech to the Anti-defamation League on social media and it’s spreading of all conspiracists, Nazism, White Supremacy, Bigotry.


Worth a read…What Mark Zuckerberg is all about…

Surprised about Mark Zuckerberg’s secret meeting with Trump? Don’t be | Siva Vaidhyanathan | Opinion | The Guardian


What a load of church-God-Bible spouting campaign effort is this…? See Paula White in action…some holier-than-holy rolling going down…all from the WH’s newest star vote retainer.


Putting China’s lack of Human Rights back on the burner. And should be used in any negotiating tool with our trade…but T dains to see any wrongdoing with many of these countries.


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What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?
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Scientist me: “This could revolutionize the world if it works.”

Movie buff me: “This is how you get Godzillas.”

So, either way, really neat.

Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from “a million years to 30 minutes,” says Nobel laureate



Go to guy - Son-in-law Jared must now build the wall, which has been a campaign promise since the beginning. What else is Jared in charge of - Middle East Peace and in particular pleasing Israel and it’s former head Netanyahu, Impeachment, and now this.

400 miles are needed by the end of the year…and there are over 800 land seizures that need to occur before it gets going.

President Trump has made his son-in-law Jared Kushner the de facto project manager for constructing his border wall, frustrated with a lack of progress over one of his top priorities as he heads into a tough reelection campaign, according to current and former administration officials.

Kushner convenes biweekly meetings in the West Wing where he questions an array of government officials about progress on the wall, including updates on contractor data, precisely where it will be built and how funding is being spent. He also shares and explains the president’s demands with the group, according to the officials familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal White House deliberations.

The president’s son-in-law and senior adviser is pressing U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to expedite the process of taking over private land needed for the project as the government seeks to meet Trump’s goal of erecting 450 miles of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of 2020. More than 800 filings to seize private property will need to be made in the coming months if the government is going to succeed, officials aid.

Kushner has told other West Wing officials he is in charge of the wall, according to aides, and that it is paramount to Trump that at least 400 miles be built by Election Day.


Bottom line - It looks bad…not just it is a contractor had wanted a party at Trump property, but that this company in particular is making money off the unhinged immigration and illegal mandate to put immigrants in these prisons.

The invitations were out and RSVPs were due. But Caliburn International, a corporation with billions of dollars in government contracts, has scrapped plans to host a holiday party at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, according to a company email sent Monday after CBS News first reported on the plans.

The party at the Trump club had been scheduled for December 6, according to an invitation obtained by CBS News. An internal email was sent Monday afternoon announcing the change of venue to employees, and the company later confirmed the move in a statement to CBS News.

Our team leaders have made the decision to change the venue so that our employee holiday event is focused on the spirit of compassion and thankfulness to our employees who work every day supporting missions of humanitarian service, national security, and medical care around the world,” the company said.


Speaks for itself…

The Pittsburgh-based chain posted its best quarterly sales result in six years Tuesday, with same-store sales up 6% in the company’s third quarter. That comes on top of a better than 3% increase in same store sales in the second quarter, executives noted.

“We saw increases in both average ticket and transactions, as well as growth across each of our three primary categories of hardlines, apparel and footwear,” said Edward W. Stack, chairman and chief executive officer. “As we head into the holiday season, we remain very enthusiastic about our business.”

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A former Deutsche Bank executive who reportedly signed off on some of the institution’s unorthodox loans to Donald Trump killed himself in his Malibu home on November 19. Thomas Bowers, the onetime head of Deutsche Bank’s American wealth-management division, where he oversaw Trump’s private banker, committed suicide by hanging, according to Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office. Bowers was 55.

I’ve learned that Tom Bowers, a former senior @DeutscheBank executive, died last week at 55 in Malibu, Calif. I knew him. It’s very sad.

— David Enrich (@davidenrich) November 26, 2019

Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank—which lent him around $2 billion after most other institutions had forsaken him for his history of defaults and bankruptcies—has come under investigation by two Congressional committees and the New York Attorney General, who are hoping the bank can shed light on Trump’s elusive finances, according to the New York Times . At one point, Bowers had a close connection to those finances.

Rosemary T. Vrablic, a managing director at Deutsche Bank who became Trump’s private banker in 2010 after being introduced by her client, Jared Kushner, reported directly to Bowers. Vrablic reportedly helped Trump secure loans from her bank, which Bowers approved—including more than $100 million to buy his Doral resort in Miami—even after Trump and Deutsche had to settle messy litigation over a Chicago loan that went bad.

“Rosemary is widely recognized as one of the top private bankers to the U.S. ultra high-net-worth community,” Bowers said in a press release when Deutsche Bank hired her in 2006.

Bowers hasn’t been employed by Deutsche since at least 2015, when he joined Starwood Capitol Group as COO, and was then appointed to the Board of Directors of Opus Bank in 2016.

Bowers isn’t the first Trump-connected Deutsche exec to commit suicide. In 2014, Deutsche derivatives analyst William S. Broeksmit, who reportedly had links to Trump and Russia, hung himself from a dog leash at his home in London.

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Shame on Apple for bowing to the demands of dictators and murderers.

BBC News - Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands

An incredible thread listing the long litany of mob bosses, dictators, traitors, and other criminals who have lived in Trump Tower.

Italian plot to create new Nazi party uncovered, police say

American jobs are getting worse, new economic index shows

The country’s ultra-low unemployment rate rests on a foundation of low-wage and often unstable work