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MOVING DAY for Jared and Ivanka!!!





Keep your :eyes: on the lookout for Navalny’s return to Russia. Hope he can stay safe and not be detained.

Five months after a near-fatal poisoning, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny headed back to Moscow on Sunday, setting up another showdown between Navalny’s supporters and the Kremlin.

Russian authorities announced that Navalny is on a wanted list for allegedly violating the terms of his suspended sentence from a 2014 embezzlement conviction, which Navalny and the European Court of Human Rights have called a political prosecution.

Russia’s prison service said it has “an order to take measures to arrest him when establishing his whereabouts.”

That means he could be detained immediately upon his return from Berlin, where he has been recovering from a nerve agent poisoning during a trip to Siberia in August. Navalny and his supporters say the attack was ordered by President Vladimir Putin — an accusation the Kremlin denies.


Census Bureau says Trump’s push to exclude undocumented is dead

The Census Bureau said in a statement on Saturday it has agreed not to release data used to apportion congressional seats until after “the change of [a]dministration” on Jan. 20.



Fox Settled a Lawsuit Over Its Lies. But It Insisted on One Unusual Condition.

The Seth Rich story which Fox blew up into a complete fabrication.


I guess you in America all have your minds on other things right now, but down under here in NZ we have a particular event going on that I’m sure all American Patriots will be interested in. :slight_smile:
The Americas Cup.
Right now we are in the middle of the Prada Cup challenger series to determine which yacht will race Team NZ for the America’s Cup in March.
These AC75 monohull, hydrofoil designs are seriously fast, capable of “sailing” at up to 50 knots. And they are very touchy to handle. On friday last week I was in Auckland for the opening of the round robin races and to see these yachts racing across the harbour is something quite special.
But yesterday something rather sad happened.

American Magic skipper and executive director Terry Hutchinson spoke to media today after his team’s AC75 Patriot capsized in dramatic fashion yesterday, resulting in serious damage to the boat including a large hole in the hull.

Hutchinson was on board the boat when it hit the water at approximately 80km/h and said it was “pretty hairball”.

80km/h is around 50mph.

Hutchinson thanked the other crews as well as the New Zealand police, Fire and Emergency NZ and others who responded to the situation straight away yesterday and helped stop Patriot from sinking.

With the boat safely back on land, American Magic is now repairing the boat with a focus on being back on the water in time for the semi-finals which kick off on January 29.

As a result, Hutchinson confirmed the Americans would not race next weekend in the third and fourth round robins meaning they will enter the knockout stage winless after losing their first four races over the weekend.

“If I insisted we raced next weekend, I’d have to manage a mutiny,” Hutchinson said.

“In all seriousness, it’ll be a big effort to get the boat to go sailing for the semi-finals and we have a realistic timetable.”

Hutchinson joked the boat may not be as beautiful when it returns to the water but they aim to keep it as fast as it was yesterday before the crash.

“We have great support from the Auckland maritime and boat-building community to help us and we’ve had great support from the teams. Everyone has offered up their services to get Patriot back on the water.

“At the end of the day, you couldn’t come across more generous teams in the world.”

Hutchinson said some early options they were looking at to fix the hole included cutting parts from their first boat or getting resources from local boat-builders.

We were watching this race as it happened and I can say the whole country felt for those guys out there. We hope they can get Patriot back together again and back in the race as soon as.


Big news here in Annapolis.




Washington Post

Fall out at Fox

And punishing the ones who don’t carry the BIG LIE.


The place where some Qanon group stormed. Retargeted?


Protests in the Streets in Russia over the detention of Alexei Navalny.


Good report here:

Russia’s national Investigative Committee said it had opened an inquiry into violence against police officers on Saturday evening. A spokeswoman for the US embassy condemned the violence against demonstrators, accusing Moscow of suppressing Russians’ rights to peaceful protest.

No one is reported to have died, but several protesters appeared to have been seriously injured, including one pictured bleeding from the head and another who appeared to be unconscious when he was put into a police van. Another protester, who was rubbing snow on a bruise below his right eye to reduce the swelling, told the Observer he had been hit in the face with a nightstick twice.

The largest protests took place in Moscow, where a crowd estimated by Reuters at 40,000 mobbed a downtown square dominated by a statue to the poet Alexander Pushkin. “Leave!” the protesters chanted, calling on Putin to step down.