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Suspected far-right extremist with ‘white privilege’ card charged; pipe bombs found at Napa business

A suspected far-right extremist who carried a “white privilege” mock credit card has been charged with possessing pipe bombs and accused of threatening to bomb Democrats, the state Capitol and social media companies in an attempt to keep Donald Trump as president.



I agree…

But it highlights the hypocrisy- and that is the message I believe.


Yes, more gloom I suppose. We’re used to it. :frowning:


Two FBI agents killed and three agents injured in shootout in Sunrise, Florida


It was 181 years yesterday since the initial signing of The Treaty of Waitangi.

This is now our Independence Day.
This was especially pleasing and am posting here and sending a big “thank you”.

“Just got home from Waitangi to find a letter from President Joe Biden to mark Waitangi Day,” Ardern said in an Instagram post.

“Given it was intended for everyone, I thought I’d share it here,!” she said in her post.

and I’m sharing it here because you need to know how generous this message was.

“Dear Prime Minister. The American people join me in offering warmest regards to the people of New Zealand on the occasion of Waitangi Day on February 6," the letter from Biden read.
“New Zealand is one of our closest friends and partners. The unbreakable bond we share was established when the first US Consul to New Zealand was on hand to witness the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6, 1840.

“We have since partnered together to build the multilateral framework that benefits our nations as well as the global population. I look forward to strengthening the US- New Zealand relationship and cooperating to overcome the greatest challenges of our time…I have fond memories of my trip to your country in 2016 when New Zealand’s legendary reputation for friendliness and hospitality was on full display.

“I wish you and all New Zealanders well on this Waitangi Day. Sincerely Joseph R Biden.”


There were two suicides after the Jan 6th insurrections. One Officer Smith was suffering from pain associated with the Capitol Hill insurrection as described within the article. :cry:

Contee named three officers. One was Brian D. Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who collapsed after engaging rioters and later died. Another was Howard Liebengood, 51, a Capitol officer who took his own life three days after the riot.

The third was Smith.

That two police officers had died by suicide after confronting rioters thrust the most private of acts into the national spotlight and made clear that the pain of Jan. 6 continued long after the day’s events had concluded, its impact reverberating through the lives removed from the Capitol grounds.

The suicides have also renewed attention on another troubling and often hidden issue: Police officers die by their own hands at rates greater than people in other occupations, according to a report compiled by the Police Executive Research Forum in 2019, after at least nine New York City police officers died by suicide that year. That report said officer suicides outpace deaths of law enforcement members killed in shootings and vehicular crashes.

Since George Floyd’s death at the hands of police in Minneapolis and the sometimes volatile demonstrations that followed in cities across the country, “the occupation has been under tremendous scrutiny by the public,” said John Violanti, a research professor at the University of Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions.

“I think that officers are suffering from this,” said Violanti, who studies suicides by police officers. “There’s a feeling of a huge lack of support, not only from the public but from administrations.”

Even before the Capitol riot, police officers in the District were exhausted after months of sustained demonstrations for racial, social and political justice, some of which turned violent. Later, there were more violent confrontations when right-wing extremists came to rally in support of President Donald Trump.

About 850 D.C. police officers — nearly a quarter of the force — responded to the Capitol riot, and 65 were injured in hours of hand-to-hand combat. More than 70 Capitol Police officers were hurt.

Newly released audio from D.C. police at the riot shows how police were overwhelmed. “Multiple Capitol injuries, multiple Capitol injuries,” one officer screamed over his radio. Later an officer shouted, “We’re still taking rocks, bottles and pieces of flag and metal pole.” And an officer pleaded for help: “We lost the line. We’ve lost the line. All MPD, pull back to the upper deck, ASAP.


The Lincoln Project has had a bunch of scandals happening lately where their board members are resigning over illicit behavior with young boys, and others who may be caught up in knowing/not knowing about it, and others who profited off the fund raising for it. Needless to say, it has had a lot of dirty laundry out for grabs.

I liked to read one of the employees who stood firmly and praised the work they did. Some polls say they did not sway Republicans very much, but I am certain they helped ignite the entire voting body of the US to get out the vote.

Here’s some commentary.

A major pile up of bad news for TheLincolnProject

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Lincoln Project — an organization as pointedly anti-Trump as any other, its rise and political relevance symbiotically tied to his — is unraveling.

It’s unraveling because one of its founders, John Weaver, was using his position to proposition young men. It’s unraveling because peers of his in the organization apparently sat on complaints about that, too pumped up by their currency as Trump slayers to let accusations against Weaver impede their mission and kill their buzz.

It’s unraveling because it can no longer hide what a financial boondoggle it was for some of its central players, who spoke of principle while lining their pockets. Yes, they made dynamite ads and an eloquent case about Trump’s betrayal of America. Their firms also made money from the hero status that they were accorded by Trump haters the world over.

But the Lincoln Project is unraveling for an additional reason. It’s unraveling because Trump is out of office, and that not only deprives the organization of its fiercest mission and tight focus. His departure also opens the political actors there — and political actors everywhere — to more scrutiny and more reproach than they received when he was still around. Trump urgently demanded and rightly sopped up so much of the public’s contempt and the media’s attention that there was limited space left over for other scandals. In that way he was like a concealer slathered over pox and warts beyond his own.

He was also in instances a get-out-of-jail-free card. If you raged against him, your past was wiped clean. Your own preening and avarice were laundered by your denunciations of his.

The Lincoln Project isn’t the only example of this, but it may be the best one, and I say that as someone who had his own hand in celebrating it. I wrote a column in July about the Lincoln Project’s founders as the quintessential NeverTrumpers, which was the designation for Republicans who had broken with their party, permanently or temporarily, because of Trump. My take on them was flattering.

I expressed some skepticism, noting that they possibly had a mix of motives, that they had found themselves “in high demand as commentators and book authors” and that “through some of their anti-Trump organizations, funded by donors, some of them have arranged employment no longer available to them in conventional Republican circles.”


Texas has power outages and is freezing cold. Here is what one mayor says to his constituents. But he resigned.


Texas seems to breed a special kind of stupid. The governor is in that category too.


And this one broke the mold for diabolical.




Ari Berman, writer whose book “Give us the Ballot.” talks about what voter changes are starting right now.

"165 new voting restrictions already introduced in 33 states this year according to


. That number is rising every day. This underscores why Dems need to pass John Lewis Voting Rights Act & For the People Act to stop GOP voter suppression


So apparently as bad as things were, it could have been FAR worse; the CEO of ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, says they came dangerously close to a MONTHS-long blackout.

Texas power grid CEO explains what went wrong


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Important distinction here after I made the mistake myself; that watch with ATTACK on it is the wifi jammer on Amazon mentioned in this post, NOT a controller for Spot.


This is bad. The Gulf Stream is vital to the weather of FOUR continents.

In the Atlantic Ocean, Subtle Shifts Hint at Dramatic Dangers

A warming atmosphere is causing a branch of the ocean’s powerful Gulf Stream to weaken, some scientists fear.


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Michael Beschloss, historian is digging up these “America First” sloganeering signs associated with KKK and Nazi’s. What kind of messaging was Trump trying to get across one wonders?
It was never good…just exclusive.