Podcasts of note

(Forrest Dillaway) #1

Best feeds to supplement the fuckery…

Bob Schieffer podcast
(Matt Kiser) #2

I’m a big fan of NPR’s Up First, NYT’s The Daily, and Pod Save America (duh). I heard the Ezra Klein Show is very good, but I haven’t had a chance to check it out.

(Ashley ) #3

I second all Matt’s suggestions and would add: Crooked Media’s Pod Save The World & Lovett or Leave It, Vox’s The Weeds, Slate’s Trumpcast.

(Robb) #4

(MarciS) #5

NPR’s Politics Podcast is pretty good, too. I also listen to PSA and occasionally, the Weeds.

(Lena) #6

I love Politically Reactive with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu, Another Round with Tracy and Heben, and Fake the Nation for my weekly political pods.

(Matt Kiser) #7

oooh those sounds good!


@lenabena1908 I love politically reactive too! I heard W Kamau Bell interviewed by Marc Maron on the WTF podcast, it was so good, he’s hilarious.

(Matt Kiser) #9

A few unrelated ones… Ted, How I Built This, and the Columbia Journalism Review podcast are often in rotation, too.

(Dr. Letitia Wright) #10

Wait, there’s a WTF podcast? Where have I been??

(Matt Kiser) #11

Different WTF. @MissJava is talking about WTF by Marc Maron the comedian.

(Dr. Letitia Wright) #12

OOOHHHH… Thanks for clearing that up before i spent 10 hours on iTunes looking for it. … LOL

(Matt Kiser) #13

Ha! We’ll have a proper WTFJHT podcast soon. Working with somebody on how to produce a daily. More soon…


Shit sorry, didn’t think that thru, should have clarified, thank you for clearing that up @Matt. Very cool you are going to be doing a podcast of your own soon tho, hell yeah!

(Ashley ) #15

@matt: let me know if/when you do - I’d love to be involved! I :heart:️ podcasts!!

(Lara Taylor ) #16

The Daily is my favorite. I also enjoy Pod Save America.


glad this will end up a podcast soon!

I would recommend The Dollop. Its a history podcast(mostly US), by a couple of comedians. It has been an eye opening listen.

(Ashley ) #18

This is a excellent episode of this new Podcast. It’s a great example of how the left and the right at the core hold the same values, the difference is the perspective on how to achieve those values is where we diverge.

(Lena) #19

I’m trying to get into this podcast but I worry that it will encourage more of his haters to say outlandish things to get on his podcast.

Also, it basically affirms what we already know. That these people are brave behind the keyboard but not when you confront them with reasoning.

It’s still fun to hear that turn though. To hear the offender say, I was wrong.

(Ashley ) #20

The latest from Elle - a good quick rundown of the top political podcasts.