Podcasts of note

(Diana) #21

The Slate Political Gabfest is pretty great and a constant source of…I guess comfort would be the best way I could describe it. I have a lower tolerance for Slate’s Trumpcast and Vox’s The Weeds but listen on occasion.


All the podcasts listed above are top notch. Fresh Air has always been a personal favorite. This episode in peticular was riveting, they speak to Mark Pitcavage of the Anti-Defamation League about the American Militia Movement and the clashes with the Antifa movement. I highly recommend listening or reading the transcript.


(Tom ) #23

I recommend the HKS Policycast, the Brookings Cafeteria podcast, and the podcast we all probably need right now whether or not we can admit it:


Podcasts in general are helping me keep my sense of humor and stay informed. GIMLET Media started their business at the right time it seems.


Bob Schieffer Podcast

Bob Schiefffer, formerly host of “Face The Nation” has a podcast now featuring interviews with reporters who are covering the White House. This one is with Glenn Thrush of the NYT, many of them provide background information on individuals and the politics of the White House that helps to understand WTF is happening.


Thanks @SEPTGUY, I moved your separate posting to be with our ongoing list of podcasts here. I love Bob Schieffer and had no idea he was on the airwaves, I’m excited to check it out!


NPR’s It’s Been a Minute brings me joy

(Ashley ) #28

New Podcast from Preet Bharara – just launched today! It’s excellent and insightful interview today with Leon Panetta, as well as his take on his job offer and subsequent firing by Trump.

Stay Tuned with Preet


This week’s Episode of Pod Save the World was excellent if you haven’t listened yet, make a little time. The episode covers a lot more than the Far-Right, really helped me understand the Iran Deal in relation to our European allies.

The Rise of the European Far-Right

Tommy talks with Europe expert Dr. Karen Donfried about the German elections and the rise of the far-right AfD party. They also discuss why Russian hacking efforts didn’t work in Germany, what European capitals will do if Trump pulls out of the Iran deal, and how they view his war of words with North Korea.


(Matt Kiser) #30

Some guy with a blog and a cat that writes a daily recap about politics now has a podcast. I heard he’s very nice… and handsome.


@matt the podcast is great. Love the short format, the read is excellent, the intro tells you want it’s about and the it has a strong tag back to the site. Great job, now let’s go market guys, everyone spread the word! :crossed_fingers:

(Gwen Diehn) #32

I would add Ezra Klein’s weekly podcast and Preet Bharara’s weekly podcast, both on Stitcher

(Matt Kiser) #33

wanna provide a link?

(Gwen Diehn) #34

Go to the App store and search for Stitcher and then download the free app.

(Matt Kiser) #35

It was more for everybody else… this is a thread of links to interesting podcasts.

(Ashley ) #36

I think @gwen is referencing pods already listed. :grin:

(Ashley ) #37

Mega news coming from the Pod Save America guys! Including a new podcast (Crooked Conversations)!

(Ashley ) #38

Crooked Media has THREE new pods, people!

Crooked Media pods

First up, Majority 54 with Jason Kander! Jason Kander is the first millennial elected to a state-wide office, as a Democrat in a red-state. He’s best known as the “guy who put together a guy blindfolded in a TV commercial”.

“He’s traveling the country to help the 54% of us who didn’t vote for Donald Trump talk to those of us who did about the most divisive issues in our country.”

(Will update once the other pods are live on their site!)

(Ashley ) #39

Great new podcast from Slate – Slow Burn: A Podcast about Watergate

It attempts to answer the question: if we are living through the next Watergate, would we even know?


I can’t recommend The New Washington enough from The New York Times! I listened to the Hannity episode last night and it’s scary how much influence he has on this presidency. Have a listen