Podcasts of note

(Joe Amditis) #41

I really enjoy Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill from The Intercept. https://theintercept.com/podcasts/


NPR’s podcast Embedded has been laying out the entire case against Trump this season, from possible collusion to obstruction of justice. Well worth a listen.


(Dan) #43

Was just going to recommend this. Also Chapo Trap House and The Daily Zeitgeist are two, long form podcasts that are worth the listen.


I had not heard this episode before yesterday. It’s very informative with background on 1 - when the NRA turned from primarily being a gun safety organization into a political organization (they actually were considering leaving the Washington area and moving to Colorado ) and 2 - how they ignore the second part of the 2nd Amendment that refers to ‘militias’ and left it out in the quote that’s published in their headquarters. OTOH the reference to militias vs. the citizen was a primary thrust in the legal argument before the Supreme Court, Scalia had a lot of influence it seems, on the opinion issued by the court.


Fantastic episode!


New find for me. A look at Constitutional law V Trump. Made in part by Roman Mars of 99% Invisible. https://trumpconlaw.com


Cooked Media’s The Wilderness

I really enjoyed this week’s episode in particular, Chapter Nine: The Second Bill of Rights. It was a deep dive into economic policy and how to help grow the middle class. I usually slump with a half glazed look in my eye when podcasts tackle socio-economic policy but was not boring at all, riveting in fact, now I want more. I felt like had been taking hits from the Aaron Sorkin bong!

Anyways have listen it’s a good show. :ear::point_down: