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Reddit power users are taking over white supremacist subreddits

“Another delightful resistance movement involves messing with white supremacists and other bigots on Reddit, one of their favorite online gathering spots. As Ben Collins of The Daily Beast reported, a group of Redditors have started launching takeovers of forums that might attract the fascist-curious, turning them into clown shows. For instance, r/WhitePolitics is now flooded with posts discussing paint swatches. They also were able to defeat a request from former Breitbart writer and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos to take over the forum r/Faggots, which is now dedicated to discussing the bundling of logs. They also conquered a misogynist “pickup artist” forum, which is now mostly threads about picking up heavy objects.”


I suppose that’s the equivalent of online peaceful protesting. It reminds me of a Planned Parenthood protest where anti-choice activists’ chants were drowned out by counter-protest groups who started singing love songs as loud as possible and overtook the whole event.

While fucking hilarious, I’ve retitled the topic and moved out Actions, because this isn’t a call to action. It’s a bit of news about what Reddit power users (and others) are doing to fight back against online racism.