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Steve Bannon's 60 Minutes Interview

First, if you were one of the brave ones that braved Bannon’s 60 Minutes interview – I applaud you. It was rough and disturbing.

There’s been a video floating around on Twitter from the “60 Minutes Overtime” video about Bannon’s statement on Jared’s take on the firing Comey. However, it’s edited (for continuity, I get it) – but it leaves out something, that I think is extremely critical, especially the particular choice of words…is interesting.

His take on Comey’s firing in comparison to his war on Congress, referencing both Congress & the FBI as institutions:

“I don’t believe the institutional logic of the FBI, particularly in regards to an INVESTIGATION could possibly be changed, by changing out the head of it.”

Why would he say ‘investigation’? We know that Trump fired Comey over the Russia investigation, however it’s still a technical legal debate of whether it’s obstruction of justice. I think this says it all.

Here is the full video.
PSA: Whatever you do, I do NOT advise reading the comments on the video – it’s for your own good, trust me.


Bannon is correct, firing Comey was incredibly stupid, and is the only reason a special counsel investigation was created. LMAO! He stumbles and can’t make a clear point as to Russian interference in the 2016 Election. Then he goes on about how there was no collusion, even though Charlie Rose didn’t even ask him about collusion. For some reason I expected him to be more skilled at lying…


I think he is, generally but I think with the cameras there, etc it rattled him (thankfully). He hasn’t done much public speaking - at all. And this was his first ever TV interview. You could see him start to unravel throughout the interview (his jaw just pulsated harder :joy:).

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